Groundhog’s Day For Aslan

Groundhog’s day is a time where people gather to see if the Groundhog sees his shadow. If he sees his shadow, we have six more weeks of winter and if he does not, winter will soon end and spring is near.  As many know, the majority of the time, Mr. Groundhog sees his shadow and goes back into his burrow of safety as winter continues on.  As someone from the frozen winter lands of North Dakota, I know that winter is not a pleasant time for many in this State.  People complain about the cold, the snow, and the weather, while finding reasons to stay locked inside.  Staying warm and cozy is fine, but being locked inside the negativity of winter speaks so much of the inner issues so many hold on to.  Their life is full of icy roads that cause them to slide to and fro without stability.  The outer circumstances of the weather reflect the inner circumstances of the heart.  Perspectives will shift and shadows will cease for those who will continue to listen.

Aslan is a lion in the famous books of C.S. Lewis called,  “The Chronicles of Narnia.”  I personally like the books and the movies a lot.  In many ways they bring about a great picture of God and His people, as well as the imagination of one of His children, C.S. Lewis himself.   If you do not know from His books, the character of Aslan represents God.  He is a bold and compassionate lion.  Here is a prophecy from the that story that concerns Aslan and His people, and now the current blog you are reading,

“When Aslan bares his teeth, winter meets it’s death.  When He shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.”

I have a replica sword from the Chronicles of Narnia with the last line of that prophecy written on its blade.  It hangs in my office.  Anyways, as I was pondering this revelation today involving Aslan, winter, spring, Groundhogs Day and shadows, a verse came to mind.  It reads,

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, in whom there is no inconsistency or shifting shadow.”-James 1:17

Here we go…….

Some people are used to seeing shadows and they live their world through them.  The external weather systems of the world dictate their internal health. They often can be found retreating back to self-made burrows in the ground, refusing to come to the light of the truth that sets men free.  A light where the Father of lights Himself shines so bright, shadows cannot exist.  Yet the prophecy awaits those who will believe it.  Upon receiving it one can come out of the burrows of darkness that only know the ways of the earth and come into the ways of heaven. The ways of the Kingdom of God shift weather systems because of the One who abides inside of you.  Some of you with ears to hear are starting to understand; yet the invitation remains to all.

From the beginning of man’s first choice to believe a lie, thus turning away from God, God had decided to turn towards man once and for all.  This proves there is no shadow of turning in His nature as He is for us.  When Adam and Eve believed a lie from a groundhog* and hid, God came looking for them and asked them, as he is asking us, why are you hiding? This is because He is always inviting us to live with Him to see things from His perspective.  To live from His reality of redemption, restoration and love for all things.  This is the invitation He still extends today, for us to come out of the shadows of the earth, and into His extended arms to be the lights of the world.  Some must stop hiding, while looking for shadows and come out to where shadows do not exist.   (* The serpent, after he deceived Eve was cursed to crawl on his belly and therefore is a type of “ground hog”, get it?)

The Father is inviting us to see and live with no more shadows.  He is inviting us to see the Light of His face that breaks the curse of winter internally, thus freeing us to live of life full of spring(s) of living water.  When you are planted here in His stream, you will be overwhelmed with His perfect gifts of growth, abundance, revelation, resources and everlasting love.  The holes in the earth of fear and timidity are left for the joy of heavenly places in the sky. (Eph 2:6)  No more shadows or variation.  No more darkness or winter.  He invites us to abide inside of Himself where there is endless possibility, light, and goodness.

“Groundhogs day for Aslan” has raised a valid point, as well as a valid invitation.  Can you see it?  Do we watch the groundhog and let him determine and shade the outcome of our lives?  Or do we watch the Father of lights, in whom there are no shadows, but only perfect gifts and life.  Psalm 68:1 says, “Let God Arise.”  When God is allowed to rise from our holes of unbelief, ignorance or complacency, He shakes His mane and bears His teeth, smiling.  At that moment His light fills our eyes as our winters will meet there final death.  Shadows cannot exist where He takes us. Let not the groundhogs of the earth dictate the life inside of you, but let the Father of lights abide in and through you, changing weather systems from winter to spring.  We shall have spring again.


One thought on “Groundhog’s Day For Aslan

  1. Wow, My mom and I read this, we have been dwelling on spring after sitting two days inside for snow days, my mom opened up the door to let the dogs out, and the gang of robins we saw warming themselves on the naked maple tree caught our attention as they sang, or warbled there song, it stirred and awakened my heart for spring, it romanced me. Spring is a time of Romance, and that’s what this blog invited me into, to live in Romance!

    “When Aslan bares his teeth, winter meets it’s death. When He shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.”

    Thanks Pres for writing!
    ~ it changes history every time we do.

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