Why Faith

By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible”-Heb 11:3

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Why Faith:  A Foundation of Seeing

When we can understand faith and why the world is designed to live from it, we can make ever-advancing strides to live a life of wholeness.  When we understand the nature of God who calls us to live by faith, we can understand that faith is normal because it is normal to God.   We can understand it is normal to Him because of who He is and not because He has strict requirements for us to please Him.  When we see faith as normal to Him, we can be encouraged, instead of discouraged and we will not have to put so much pressure on ourselves to have faith.  When we focus so much on our own faith or lack of it, we position ourselves to perform duties apart from faith, instead of trusting or resting in God.  The best way to have faith is to know the Author of it.  When we know the God who casts out all fear because He is love, we can be perfected in faith.  Instead of fearing faith, we will embrace it, enjoy it, and grow in it.

The Nature of Faith

First, we must understand the nature of God.  He is the Author of Faith.  The nature of faith is the nature of God.  He does not know how to not believe. He framed the worlds from His words because He believed they would be created, as He imagined and spoke them into existence.  His whole world is built on the substance of faith because He doesn’t know anything less within Himself.  So God isn’t mean or setting up impossible standards for us when He requires faith, for He only requires that which He knows of Himself.  This is why relationship with God will bring the highest revelation of His nature and it is the highest goal of faith because it allows us to know Him and what He is like.  When we get to know Him and what He is like, we are transformed and renewed by seeing things from His perspective.  Without faith it is impossible to please God, because He has no unbelief within Himself.  He is faithful, because He is full of faith.  Just as we have no value for things we don’t believe in, God has no value for unbelief.  It makes no sense to Him.


The reality of God calling us to a life of faith is beautiful in many ways. “Earthly thinking” or thinking that is void of faith is in conflict with God’s mind and His ways.  He made us to be relational, so it is a beautiful thing that God designed us to be made whole only by knowing Him and His ways.  Knowing Him brings understanding to live from His reality.  This requires faith, as He only abides fully in a world of faith.  It requires seeing and knowing heavenly things (John 3:12). This is why eternal life is not just going to heaven, it is knowing God (John 17:3).  So if relationship with God reveals eternal life, then that is where we receive eternal perspectives.  Again, the best way to have faith is to get to know the Author of faith Himself.  He invites us all to know Him, which also means He believes in us more then we believe in Him.

Obviously, the main point I want you to GET is the fact that God has no unbelief inside of Himself.  When we understand the nature of faith and God, we understand His nature is not cruel when He requires faith, but His nature is full of love, adventure and glory.  If we are not seeing a life full of love, adventure and glory, then we are not seeing God or things from His perspective.  We simply need to adjust our perspective and change the way we think.  We are simply to focus on things above where Christ is seated (Col 3:1), so we can display those “things” on the earth.   We are to display them not just through renewed minds, but also through the very nature of God flowing from our being. (2 Peter 1:4)

Now we can understand that relationship with God is the ultimate way to renew our minds, as to think, see and live from His world.  The more we understand this, the more we understand Jesus’ prayer to pray, “on earth as it is in heaven.”  He would not give us a standard that we could not meet, unless He was inviting us to know Him by experiencing His world alongside Himself.  Knowing Him gives us eyes to see and ears to hear.


The true meaning of repentance has been muddied by religious people who have abused and twisted its meaning with their ignorance.  This has left people uneasy upon hearing the word repentance, but let us simply understand its meaning.  It simply means that we change the way we think until we actually see and do things from God’s perspective. The failure to understand this has caused so much frustration for people as they then question God, instead of their own fears and unbelief.  While I never want to turn anyone away from questioning God (as in asking Him questions), I do want to turn them away from speculating or questioning the nature of His goodness.   A lot of times God gets the blame for things because people put their own unbelief on Him.  This irresponsibility twists His nature to the people around them and has caused gross teaching on His nature.  But God does not do fear, which is unbelief; He only does faith perfected by love. (1 John 4:18, 2 Tim 1:7)  This should lead us to the awesome invitation to look at Him, instead of being discouraged by looking at the unbelief of others or ourselves.

As we learn responsibility we will see that there is no shortage on His end, only ours.  So we must bridge the gap between His faith and ours.  We should not be hard on ourselves, as we are to draw close to God and be changed by His voice and presence, not our striving to have faith without Him.   One of the great problems is that people have been taught about God, instead of coming to Him personally to know Him and His ways.  If there is nothing lacking on God’s end, then where do you think we need to go in order to lack nothing? (James 1:3-4)

Faith (or unbelief for that matter), in a generic definition not a heavenly one, is simply the manifestation of what we believe. This is also a great insight into why certain things happen.  Faith is what we get.  If I believe a lie that I am stupid, I will act stupid.  If I believe the truth that I am a child of God, I will act like a child of God.  This is a great revelation of how God has set up His world and ours. Here is another great example: If someone believes God doesn’t like to heal people, they will manifest no healings because they will not even pray for people to be healed.  And if for some reason they do pray for someone in need of healing, their prayer would probably be some powerless, religious prayer of comfort that brings no answer.  This is a bummer because without heaven’s thinking, unbelief gets what it believes.  Think about it.

So, Why Faith?

We should have enough insight to answer this question by now.  We are called to see things from God’s perspective as to understand the highest reality and standard of life.  As I have learned from great leaders who cultivate lives of faith, if there is no sickness in heaven, then there is to be none on earth.  If there are no broken bones in heaven, then there is to be none on the earth, etc.  God’s perspective require faith because they require wholeness in thought and life.  Besides, “believers” are to be vessels that release God to the world.  So then, by faith we understand that when we see someone with cancer, God sees someone He loves and wants whole.  When we see someone with a broken arm, God sees someone He wants to heal and make whole.  When we see a family in need, God see’s people He wants to bless and provide for.  His goodness must become our goodness so we can understand how to effectively love people into wholeness, thus demonstrating the reality of faith that brings forth God’s goodness and ways in the earth.  This is a great privilege of those who get to know and partner with God.  Someone once said, “We are moving from faith in God to the faith of God.”

This is why earthly thinking does not understand God’s goodness and plans for wholeness.  It limits God from moving through His people (Psalm 78:41-42).  He longs for heaven to come to earth.  Earthly thinking is limited.  God’s thinking is unlimited, whole and complete.  It does not need excuses for powerlessness, where earthly thinking does.  Earthly thinking twists the Scriptures and God’s nature, but He invites YOU to know Him and see things from His perspective.  Heavenly thinking that manifests heaven’s realities obviously brings into existence the reality of Jesus’ prayer for life to be “on earth as it is in heaven.”  He loves faith, as should we, because by faith we understand and come to know God in His great love for the world that He longs to make whole.

Think about the Scripture verse, “Without Faith it is impossible to please God.”(Heb 11:6)  Again, this is not because God is mean or has impossible requirements.  It is because He doesn’t know any different and He invites us to know Him and do the possible.  (Yes, I meant “possible”)  This is where God’s ways may not be our ways, but they are supposed to be.   We who believe are learning this truth that, “we have the mind of Christ.”(1 Cor 2:16)  So if we have limited thinking, we can exchange it for the unlimited mind of Christ where anything is “possible.”  When we know this truth experientially, it sets us free.

Often times, especially in “Christian Bubbles”, people think with limits. They think they should be seeing something just because they believe in it mentally.  There is a difference between believing from your being (or heart) and believing mentally.  I found that this is where most conflict happens.  But the more we spend time knowing God and Him knowing us, the more our entire nature is transformed and not just our mind.  This is also the best way to renew your mind, as it allows experience (not just information ), to transform your mind.  When experience transforms your life, it is revealed in your nature and not just in your thoughts.

May you be encouraged to know God in a most natural way, as His nature of explosive love and power grows and manifests through your thoughts, and most importantly, your very being.  The more we meet with God, the more we can partake of His divine nature and give it away to the world around us.  This is what Jesus did.  He met with Father God and gave His nature away to the world around Him.  This caused Him to teach followers the way of His Kingdom as a lifestyle.  The way of the Kingdom heals the sick, loves the poor, and demonstrates the love of God, not just in talk, but also in power.  He still calls those who believe to do the same.

The Invitation

Jesus made comments all the time about people’s faith.  He would say things like, “you of little faith”, or “this man has great faith”, or “why are you so slow to believe” or “your faith has made you well.”  Again, Jesus did not say some of these things because He was mean, as some insecure people might think.  He said these things because that was the world He knew in and of Himself.   He did not know any better because He already knew the best!  In fact, He was surprised at unbelief.  (Mark 6:6)

Therefore when we hear these things, we must not be discouraged, but encouraged at the invitation to step up and see great and mighty things.  Yes, do not shrink back, step up to the invitation!  Many times, the reason people retreat is because of the warfare that tries to rob them of believing in the goodness of God.  Instead of seeing the need for more faith as an invitation to know God, they are deceived into discouragement.  This is a seed sown by an enemy who tries to get people to question themselves as well as God’s nature so that they turn away from God.  Do not lose your innocence!

Here is a great truth.  When Eve was questioned in the garden by satan about the nature of God, she did not lose her innocence.  It was only after she accepted the lie that she was robbed of it.  The enemy tries to get us to question God’s nature and shrink back, instead of looking to God’s goodness and stepping forward.  The enemy knows that if you shrink back you can be destroyed and that if you do not, you will destroy his works of darkness with the love and power of Jesus Christ. (1 John 3:8)  Let this verse describe your life.  “We are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but those who have faith….” – Hebrews 10:39.

The invitation from God remains for all those who read this.  “All things are possible for those who believe”.  When you believe in Jesus, you have access to all things.  A powerful truth was just revealed to me the other day while I was reading John 6:35.  There is a difference between those who come to Jesus and those who believe in Him.  Some come to Him, but others believe in Him.  Some come to be fed, others come to be whole.  Those who never thirst, have God Himself flowing through them.  One eats enough to be satisfied; the other overflows with the life of God and gives it away.  The invitation remains to know God in the deepest way possible, while having a true life that walks by faith and understands.

With Faith, Hope & Love,


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that by the power of the Holy Spirit, you may abound in hope.-Romans 15:13


2 thoughts on “Why Faith

  1. Thanks brother for sharing and releasing this!! I sat down earlier today after having heard a message on faith.. and God downloaded tons of information into me and led me places in His word.. and then was asked to lead prayer group tomorrow and i was gonna do it on faith.. and this was totally the confirmation that i was looking for!! God Bless you man and praise the Lord for He is always good and releasing to those who reach for His abundant blessings!!! Keep reaching and preaching man!! i love you!!!

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