TV Makes You Fat

They say TV makes you look bigger.  For some people it makes the devil look bigger.  What influences you?  This question is a major factor for us to answer.  There are millions of influences in the world.  As a believer in God, I am to be more aware of what my Heavenly Father is doing then what the devil is doing.  We should not be ignorant of the devils schemes, but they should not impress us either.

The television is full of commercials, movies, shows and thought systems that reveal wounded ways of life and thinking.  Many news programs highlight death and destruction.  In fact, they often worship it.  They run off fear and negativity to promote an enemies higher agenda to get people to lose heart, hope and the power to change.  Many do not even know what they do.

The Kingdom of God on the other hand is definitely “at hand”, for those who live in it.  Focusing on what God is doing around the world is powerful, yet the news will rarely cover it.  If they do cover it, it is often seen as a joke.  This will change.  But for now, some people continue to get fat with knowledge that makes the devil bigger in their life and the lives of those around them.  They invite destruction.

God invites transformation.  We should continually transform our minds with the ways of God.  We are to have clear understanding of what is being promoted through our life, as well as what we allow our eyes to focus upon.  Some people should go on a diet and fast from the television.   We need a fat God and small devil.  Anything less is a lie.


“Bright eyes gladden the heart; Good news puts FAT on the bones.”-Proverbs 15:30     (This is the good fat!)


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