The Test of Time: Agents of Change

We are all changing.  Time is a concept we use to schedule our lives.  It also tests our beliefs, core values and integrity.  When people “stand the test of time”, they are known for what they believe.  Some people may say things like “it will never last”, or “just give it a few years”, but Agents of Change stand firm to prove the value of transformation.

We are all changing.  When someone perseveres through other people’s doubts, fears and ignorance, there is a momentum that builds for those who will see it.  This momentum is both for those who are living and those yet to live.  Think of Walt Disney and what he created.  Think of those who created cures for diseases and all the revivalists of past & present.  Think of those who invented the airplane and all of those who persevered though the doubters of their day, to create change that is now accepted as normal.  Think of those who thought.

“Outside the Box.”

This is a concept we hear when someone goes beyond what’s accepted as normal.  The homeless use cardboard boxes for shelter to protect them from the elements.  People often use boxes in their thinking to protect them from the elements that exist beyond their grid of understanding.  Do they know their veneer is paper-thin?  We are all called to think “outside” the box and live “inside” the reality that all things can be possible.  We can be at home with God in our thinking instead of homeless with boxes of lack.  (John 14:23)

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work inside us.”-Ephesians 3:20

Some people are great at asking but not great at thinking.  The power of our imagination with God will reveal the power of transformation that is possible through us.  Notice this is no longer outside of us, but inside of us.  Inside us is a hope of glory that wants to be experienced and understood.  When we get this, we will never have to worry about boxes.  Besides, boxes can be awkward and full of meaningless things.  Let others pack and unpack their boxes, while we focus on the power inside of us.  Maybe one day they won’t need their boxes anymore, as the freedom created by our momentum of change will bring forth their transformation.

“Take no BOXES for the journey, or extra t-shirt, or sandals or a staff…take only the Kingdom of God.” (Matthew 10:10, 10:7) {My paraphrase}

We are all changing.  Let us be Agents of Change.  Let us be those who are possessed with Possibility.  Some have started with transformation and stopped because of the doubt and ridicule of others.  When we do not shrink back at the call to change the world, we will move forward to reveal a momentum that can only be stopped by our stopping.   Never stop taking God and His Kingdom with you wherever you go.

We are Agents of Possibility.  We are Ambassadors of Love.  Be free to ask and think bigger then you ever have before and then watch as God’s creativity manifests cultural transformation in and through you.  The test of time will give way to eternal transformation.  Be an “Agent of Change” that “stands the test of time.”

Possessed with Possibility,


A man without boxes is at home in the Lord. (Proverbs of Preston)



2 thoughts on “The Test of Time: Agents of Change

  1. Hi Preston, I saw the link to your page from my wife’s facebook page. Thank you for your thoughts. Thinking “outside the box” so-to-speak, is indeed a difficult if impossible task without the liberating truth of Jesus. Without the regeneration of the Spirit, we are literally bound to the ideas and philosophies of the world. I think this is why Jesus said that we must be born again. Other scriptures also speak to this phenomenon, like Paul’s teaching that “spiritual things are spiritually understood.” – 1 Corinthians 2:14. Unfortunately, it is all too easy in this world to focus on worldly things and accept the “boxes” or paradigms that the world supplies. I am encouraged, however, by followers of Jesus like you that are taking a stand for the truth and encouraging other believes. The more we encourage each other and build up one another’s faith, the easier it will be to leave our “boxes” behind for something better, pressing on towards a future reward like the people of faith listed in Hebrews 11! Thanks again and peace!

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