Authentic Balance

“The LORD detests the use of dishonest scales, but he delights in accurate weights.”    (Proverbs 11:1)

Honesty is a key to balance.  Authenticity with God is a simple truth that allows you to be you and not have to deal with lies.  If we are prone to “stretch the truth” then we are in danger of stretching masks over our faces that hide who we really are.  We should never be ashamed of who we are, as we should know we are precious in the sight of God.  God’s perfect view of us is where life should flow from.  If not, we are in danger of living a life that lies.

When we know who we are and who we are not, we begin to manifest a confidence in God that does not need to perform.  We also do not need to do works that burn us out and instead we are free to burn with passion.  I have learned from my mistakes of trying to hide things from God (as if they are really hidden) or of trying to be someone I am not in front on Him.  It is such a great thing to walk in the freedom of Christ, because when we are free, we are free indeed.  When we don’t hide who we are, we are free to learn and grow in an environment of safety and joy.  That environment is the love of God.

Once upon a time, I was so mad because all these people around me at ministry school were having such great and profound God experiences, and I was not.  I was so mad at God but I did not want to be fully mad, as I wanted Him to know that I still liked Him.  But one day, it was too much.  I came home from school and sat in a chair and said, “God, you have 5 minutes to show up in front of me or I am walking away from you and this whole Christian life.”  So we had a showdown.  I waited and waited and when 5 minutes was up, I gave God a little bit more time.

When His time was up, I was about to bubble over with disappointment when God suddenly spoke and said, “I’m not going to show up the way you want me to, but thank you for being real.”  I then felt a tangible release go through my entire body as my heart and emotions became light and happy.  I had an honest encounter with God that was again my own, and nobody else’s. The truth had set me free.

God reveals things to us all differently.  I know sometimes we do not listen, but He is speaking all the time.  I learned from this experience (and others like it) that I could be honest with God with all my disappointments, joys and fears.  I do not need to sugar coat my feelings and emotions, for He is big enough to handle them.  In fact, He loves our authenticity.  I am now on a more mature journey of authenticity that is comfortable with God, as I now know He is comfortable with me.  His love never changes, even if I feel like kicking His butt.

I just saw a picture in my minds eye of God’s perspective of balance in this context.  On one scale is all the truth of who we are in Him.  On the other side of the scale is all the honesty of what we actually feel and believe at this moment in our lives (whether right or wrong).  It’s like the Centurion in Matthew 8 that tells Jesus He doesn’t deserve to have Jesus come to his house to heal his servant but Jesus can just say a word on the spot to heal him.  The centurion was honest with his feelings of lack, but firm with His belief of what could be, which reveals he was honest with what he knew.  Jesus was also honest with what He knew and the centurions’ servant was healed at that moment.  The man’s honesty turned out to reveal his deeper faith; a faith that amazed Jesus Himself.

Balance is bringing what we genuinely know and don’t know to our relationship with God.  It is being who we genuinely are, without performance.  It is also being comfortable with His love that tells us who we are, instead of looking introspectively of who we are not.  Trying to live out of an introspective dysfunction is a major burden.  Besides, that kind of life is actually selfish and will try to hide things from God and others.  Just look at Adam and Eve’s experience of hiding in the garden.

When someone knows the truth that sets people free, it doesn’t always mean we have to know what is right at that moment.  It can mean that you are honest with where you are while knowing it is not where you’re supposed to be.  After knowing where you are supposed to be, you can be free to go where you need to be.  The key is living an authentic lifestyle that doesn’t lower the standard of heaven, but balances it with the quality of continual growth.  Knowing the truth sets you free to take the steps to manifest it.  Then you will know the truth by experience.

Balance is a word that carries many levels of revelation, but the level in this blog is a foundation we will build upon.  Let us see that God’s weights and balances are measured by who we authentically are and who He authentically is.  Let us live our lives free from hiding or lying about who we are.  We will then be free to shine with His light flowing through our open lives.  When our floodgates are open, so are His and it is quite the exchange.  We then have no masks; just unveiled, honest and authentic faces.  Authentic Balance leads us to Authentic Integrity, which leads us to the Authentic Manifestation of God through our lives. But just because it leads us, will we will follow it?


Look For The “Authentic Integrity” Post Coming Soon.



2 thoughts on “Authentic Balance

  1. Hey Preston, love your work brother, keep it coming. Love to you and yours from Mark and Hanna.

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