Authentic Integrity

I have been on a journey to walk in genuine integrity.  Highlighting this point may cause some take out their inspection goggles to examine my life.  I invite it, but know that I am not looking for the approval of man as I already have my Heavenly Fathers approval.  This does not mean I devalue the input of others.  I love the moments in my life where those who have been right and wrong about my character have helped me grow.  I especially love the input of friends, mothers and fathers who ask the questions that bring about real transformation.

The “Refiners Fire” is something the Lord asked me to embrace a few years ago.  The refiners fire is the fire of God that burns away the inconstancies of our lives that hinder wholeness.  When understood, it is a pleasurable thing to experience. If we do not understand, we may judge God and others by our attitude that fails to submit to the joy of this process.  It is such a wonderful thing to trust God with this fire.  When we trust Him, He can then entrust us to use it for the purity of its intentions.  We can become people of integrity and wholeness.

The Lord asked me the following question.  “What if we raised up a generation of people who embraced the fire and liked it?”  This question caused me to see the joyful process of growth in God’s Kingdom.  Many people have twisted God’s nature in the fire because they have warped perspectives of His nature and intentions.  They feel God is against them instead of for them or even that He is mean.  Many times, this immature response is the very thing God wants to destroy so that the foundation of our lives can be whole.  Psalm 11:3 asks, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”  Without a solid foundation of who God really is, all kinds of heresy lives inside of peoples hearts and minds.

“Establish the righteous; for the righteous God tests our hearts and minds.”     (Psalm 7:9)

God tests our hearts and minds with the fire of His love to establish us on a foundation that cannot be moved.  Why would we want anything less?  I am one who wants God’s best which sometimes makes me hard to deal with.  I hate compromise and if it manifests in my life, I seek to be quick to address and deal with it.  I have also learned that if others value compromise, I will hold my tongue unless they genuinely want input for change.  This has saved me from a lot of wasted energy.

God says that Integrity is about the heart, not appearance.  Someone once said, “Image is what people think we are, integrity is what we really are.”   When I heard this, it set me on a course to work harder on my integrity then my image.  Besides, I was created in Father God’s image so I do not have to worry about that.  God once told me, “People judge and misjudge My image all the time, so won’t they misjudge yours?”  This encouraged me to focus more on the substance of my life instead of my appearance.  That is integrity.

“He who walks in integrity walks securely,” (Proverbs 10:9)

Integrity causes you to walk securely.  Integrity allows you to hold yourself accountable to the standard of heaven and the Love of God.  It allows you to be established on a foundation that cannot be moved and to value the fire of God that makes you more like Him.  Integrity allows you to be honest with who you are and who you are not.  It values the words you speak with the actions you take.  Integrity takes joy in the process and workings of God in us.  When we have genuine integrity, we can grow with God with accelerating speeds that cannot be stopped.



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