Regarding: Tsunami & Dream

I had a dream last night that Bethany, my parents and myself were in Hawaii.  I remember feeling so blessed to be there as we were awakening to a sunny day high up in a hotel.  I was looking out our window at the beach and the ocean as I watched people playing and enjoying the sun.  Then a red dragon came out of the sea onto the shore.  People were afraid and starting running in fear.  I then saw it come toward our building and had the thought that if it hits the bottom of the building we may find ourselves toppling over from the impact.

I then awoke this morning to find out that an earthquake had created tsunamis that dealt with Hawaii as well as other places.  I immediately thought to pray for the stopping of its destruction so that no more damage would be done.  I was reminded of hearing a testimony of St. Patrick last night who had actually spoken to a tsunami and stopped it in it’s track, saving the lives of many people.  St Patrick’s day is next week.

I will continue to pray and process this dream and the recent events but as my wife came home from work we began to pray more about it.  We prayed that the waves that were tossing to and fro, would be stopped and calmed by the peace of Jesus released through our hearts and authority in Him.  She then proceeded to tell me how my dream reminded her of the red dragon in the book of Revelation that was trying to kill the children of God.  One of the pictures there is a pregnant woman crying out in birth pains in the agony of giving birth.

The earth right now is groaning for the birthing of genuine sons and daughters of God to awaken and step into their destiny and destroy the works of the devil.  I think many “natural disasters” are not natural at all.  They are the results of demonic influences as well as the earth itself groaning under the prison of sin where God’s children have not taken ownership to subdue it and bring life and peace.

Now is the time to continue to awaken the Church, those who are to walk in the real identity of God’s sons and daughters.  The Church is to know who they are and how to use the authority given to us to destroy the works of the devil and free the earth from bondage through the blood of Christ.

With the dream of the dragon, I had the thought about one of the effects of my marriage to my wife.  God had given us the poetic but now real call together to, “slay dragons as we rescue trapped princesses and people.”  Well now our sword is drawn to slay, as I received insight from the following passages.

This should be the season that the great dragon is thrown down. (Rev 12:9)

The dragon knows his time is short (Rev 12:12), because the sons and daughters of God are growing and maturing at a rapid rate with the testimony of Jesus that destroys his ways.

Revelation 12:15 is interesting because the dragon poured river our of his mouth to “sweep the woman with a flood.”  But verse 16 says the earth itself came to the help of the woman.  When we use our authority to bless the earth, bringing life and protection to it, the earth itself comes to our service to assist in the process of destroying the works of darkness.

Rev 12:17  When the dragon saw the earth helped the woman it became furious and “went to make war with those who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.”  He makes war with us because we keep God’s commands to destroy the works of darkness, which is what Jesus came to do.  When we keep the testimony of Jesus, we keep the testimony that literally calms storms and heals bodies and lands.  This authority we have been given scares the enemy as his time gets shorter and shorter.  He does not want us to use it or even learn about it.

This is the call to wake up and humble ourselves so we do not put up walls that keep us from the power of God and our responsibility to know, use and understand it.  This is a time to grow and learn.  We must not allow what we do not understand to keep us from Jesus’ own words to us that we are to be doing “greater works” then He did (John 14:12).  I urge you to find places in the earth that are teaching and demonstrating the power of God and encouraging the reality of Christ in you to be manifested with love and power.  This is an exciting thing!

In my dream last night I felt like we were at Waikiki, Hawaii in a high rise hotel.  My wife just read to me this from the news, “residents of Waikiki were relativity calm having gone through this before.  Water rushed onto the shore in Honolulu, swamping the beach in Waikiki and surging over the break wall in the resort, BUT stopped short of the areas of the high rise hotels.”  That’s what happened in my dream.

It is time we stay in the high rise hotels, the heavenly places we have been seated with Christ, and use this position to love, serve and destroy the works of darkness before they start spewing water out of their mouths to bring destruction.  It is time for the earth to get what it’s been groaning for, the sons of daughters of God releasing it from bondage because we have learned and are learning how to free it with the power of God.  Join me on the front-lines as we learn, grow, love and release the power of our Heavenly Inheritance on earth as it is in heaven.

It is time to conquer fear, birth Courage and no longer run away.



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