Travel Conditions

Bad weather can hinder travel.  If we have storms arise in our life, we are not supposed to endure them, we are to learn to stop them.  In a relationship with God we are traveling from glory to glory.  Bad weather tries to hinder us from traveling this road.  This road is straight and narrow because it’s character does not change.  The straight and narrow has its dimensions of being so because it is an easy road to define.  Here are some of the characteristics of this road.  God is absolutely good.  He wants everyone saved, healed and delivered.  He wants it to be in earth as it is in heaven.  He has given the earth to man, thus man has responsibility for the earth.  We are each uniquely called to burn with vision and passion.

These truths invite us to walk the straight and narrow with a focus that is entirely on God, His goodness and His perfect will.  Often, opposing forces try to create storms to get us to compromise these truths, which cause us to move away from the narrow road.  They want us to question the character of this road and the One who paved it, to get us to compromise its truth.  People get off this road many different ways; whether by not understanding personal conflicting experiences or by direct forces that oppose this road.  Jesus is the gate to this road.  Anytime someone leaves the Gate or questions His character, the wide road of confusion and compromise awaits.

When God has a perfect standard of wholeness for His children and yet His children keep their eyes more on the dysfunction of the world instead of the perfection of Jesus, they create compromise and confusion in their thoughts.  They take different roads and bunny trails that lead to nowhere though it feels like somewhere.  The great thing is that this straight and narrow road is full of grace that lives and moves.  It moves with us, always inviting those who have left it, to return and walk securely.

Let us walk joyfully on the straight and narrow road, not because it is supposedly hard, but because it is the place of perfect joy and peace.  It is a road of continual transformation that empowers us and causes growth.  It is not a road that celebrates dysfunction, making excuses for lack.  It is a road that is narrow and straight because vision is refined and focused, instead of compromised or confused.  This is to make it easier to follow.

The next time a storm arises in your life, speak to it.  Speak to it from the character of God that holds all power for life.  Speak to it on the road of life that trusts in heavens power and positions you to always be more then a conqueror.  If you are more than a conqueror, it means not only do you conquer, but you also grow, build and establish, thus being “more.”  This is our position in God.

As I finished writing this, a water bottle on my shelf filled with water from the Sea of Galilee made a popping sound as I turned to see the water moving inside it.  Interesting.  This is the same water from the sea that Jesus was on when He stopped the storm.   We must learn how to not just calm the storms, but how to stop them.  We will then create peace, as the travel conditions will be clear and bright with the vision of the Son.


My next blog will seek to empower you to personally walk with focused vision.  When we walk with narrow vision as in being “focused”, we can actually walk in broad or endless possibilities. .


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