Mommy, why did the Music stop?

Every day thousands of people wake up to an alarm clock.  This sound rings in their ears, which can be good or a bad, depending on whether one really wants to get up.  Some people use alarm clocks as a tool to awaken their bodies but they have another sound that awakens their hearts.  The sound of music or the melody of life we listen to, determines the energy we have in going about our day.  Some people say that some get up on the “wrong side” of the bed, but it would not have made a difference which side they woke up on.  The difference is the sound one listens to upon awakening, as well as the song they choose to sing.

I believe we all have been given a life-song to sing.  God uniquely made us to sing a song that no one else can sing.  It is a song that causes His energy to flow through our hearts and lives.  When the song is not sung we walk dazed, as our eyes and ears are not fully opened.  As you may see, this song of ours does not have to be sung or heard with the natural faculties, for it is a deeply spiritual thing.  It is a song of movement and life that flows with the true existence of our being.

Recently, The Burning Hearts worship team was leading us into deep realms with God.   I was experiencing a deep encounter with His Presence.  My wife then began to sing spontaneously over us with a song from heaven.  She was singing words like “We will never stop singing our song”, as in we will always sing the song of our hearts to God.  The Lord began to teach me in that moment as His presence continued to increase all over my body.  He revealed to me a revelation of how He created us all with a song to be sung.  A song of our life that was the energy to genuinely live, move and have our being with Him.  This song is profoundly diverse and unique to every individual He created.

As the worship team was ending this serenade of God’s breathe over us, the music slowly came to a perfect ending.  We often just sit there for a while after the music stops to just enjoy the thickness of God’s tangible presence that needs no words.  A little girl behind me started to whisper to her mom, “why did the music stop?”  A few seconds later she asked again “Mommy, why did the music stop?”  This little sweet voice of innocence was in that moment revealing to me the questions Heaven asks Jesus as they see some of us have stopped singing our song.  “Jesus, why did the music stop?”

Here before you is an invitation to sing your song again or if you are singing it, to keep doing so.  An invitation to move with the rhythm of your own unique relationship with God that fills your life with overflowing joy and vision.  This is an invitation to the freedom to be you and no one else.  You can freely live your life and sing your own song with never-ending worship to God.

Let us awaken each day not just to an alarm clock, if needed, but also to the song of God singing over us.  He invites us to sing along with our own unique song that never ends.  This is profoundly spiritual, highly practical and a deeply eternal thing.  You have been given a song to be sung.

I am now hearing a Beatles song in my head that I heard a little girl sing in a movie I saw last year.  It is from the song, “All you need is love.”

“There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.

Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung.”

“All you need is love.”

All you need is love and Love sings over you each and every morning as the dawn awakens to a new day of mercy and grace to live your life-song with God.  May you walk courageously in your song with Him, singing it loudly for the world to hear your song of joy that sings without having to move your lips.  Be encouraged.  Be loved.  Be Free.  Sing your own Song.


“The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing”-Zeph 3:17

Let us be those who dream and awaken to the reality of those dreams as our mouths are filled with laughter and songs of joy for it will be said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.” (Psalm 126:1-2 )


2 thoughts on “Mommy, why did the Music stop?

  1. Brilliant! All creation waits and longs for us to join in the melody within us – we were created to sing! All of heaven bows and leans in to hear the voices of the children of God! We all have a song. Don’t forget to sing.

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