Responding To The Death of Bin Laden

I found out yesterday that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.  As I searched more to see how it happened, I came across video of people celebrating in the streets all over America.  Something began to stir deep within me that I could not explain.  It was a deep remorse over the situation and how it was going to be handled by the world.  I later realized God was showing me something big.

I began to feel a spirit pervading people’s minds and hearts.  It was the celebration of death.  It was the hate of a man.  It was the same terrorist spirit that gripped Bin Laden’s life, but it was hidden subtlety, disguised in the celebration of justice.  The Lord made it clear, this is no subtle thing.  How we respond will be tested in this time.

It is one thing to hate evil, which I think is right, but it is another thing to allow hate to overflow into the celebration of the death of any man.  While some are simply celebrating a victory for some justice, which is good, many are arrogantly celebrating something they do not understand.  The reality of destructive thought systems come out in these times and I am going to give perspective into a more excellent way.  These keys can position us to see from the highest of perspectives… the heart and will of God.

I know that some people have written that this event was God’s plan for Bin Laden to die, which is a gross misunderstanding of His nature.  We are still trying to equip people to understand that just because something happens, it doesn’t mean it is God’s will.  To believe this is to create huge mess, because then you have God flying planes into the world trade center.  I have also noticed Christians throwing around Bible verses about wicked people being judged or killed.  It’s almost as if they have never experienced Jesus, or have never read the Bible with the perspective Jesus brought when He ushered in a new era in  His life on earth.  He ushered in a more excellent way of doing and seeing things.

Jesus was the exact representation of the Father and He has the heart of a king. He never celebrated death and He never killed or equipped others to kill people.  He actually equipped people to bring life, not destroy it.  He ushered in a new standard of forgiveness, honor and love that only His life, death and resurrection could provide.  It didn’t matter whether you were a terrorist, a murderer or a thief; you were now looked at through the eyes of love, even if the fruit of your life was bad.  That doesn’t mean He couldn’t speak honest truth that offended those who heard because He was doing so in love and His motives were pure.

So yesterday as I went into my bedroom to tell my wife the news of Bin Laden’s death, I broke down and wept.  This would not be a normal thing for me unless the Spirit of God was doing something deep in my heart.  I cried my way through telling her the news and about the dishonor that was happening.  I cried for the possibility that this mans soul may be lost forever.  I don’t wish that on anybody, not even on someone who is responsible for killing millions.  You can kill flesh and blood the way the world knows how to, but you can’t kill the spirit, which lives forever.  Without spirit(tual) understanding, natural mans ways rule the mind and justice is perverted.

The ways of this world live so much by the human flesh void of spiritual realities.  We were designed as spirits wrapped inside these bodies and when these bodies die, our spirits still live on.  This is why war is so sick and was never the way Jesus intended people to live.  He intended people to make spiritual war with the spirits and thought systems behind why people do things, not kill people’s bodies that only enclose who they really are.  The only war He made on peoples bodies was casting out demons from within them or healing them.  Bin Laden was someone deceived by killing people’s bodies, so let’s not partner and be deceived by the same spirit of death and dishonor.

After I processed a little more with what the Spirit was showing me, I realized there was a key here.  There was an opportunity for love to be understood like never before.  The love that upsets the religious.  Love that angers those who long for justice, without forgiveness.  Love that can free those in bondage to the ways and systems of the world.  For some people celebrating the death of Bin Laden proves that for them, death is stronger than love.  I am here to say, Love is a more excellent way and it is stronger then death.

The “response” to the hope that this event could bring in the stopping of terrorism is more powerful than the actual death of Bin Laden.  If you exchange this hope for hate, you are in danger of making this twice the monster it is.  You are dealing with a terrorist spirit here, not a single murderer, and if your not prepared to think before you speak, you may just invite more powerful spirits to come and live in your home and in your heart.  This is a clear time to seek true wisdom and understanding.

To be clear, I am not against the celebration of the stopping of injustice.  I am against the celebration of death in the hearts of those with arrogant and immature responses.  Some people don’t know what they do and they don’t know what spirit they are of.  Not only is this dangerous for them, it is dangerous for our country, which means it is dangerous for everyone.  I write this to help people see and embrace the love & honor that can sustain a movement towards true peace.

How we respond in times like these can determine the course of how others will respond and react, namely, other terrorists as well as our country.  To fail to honor a man created in the image of God and return hate for hate in the name of celebrating good, would in fact position you for more hate to come into your life and the life of this nation. God is not happy this man is dead.  To think so is to live “one nation under man”, instead of under God.  We are to mourn the loss of a man created in God’s image and humbly live in the balance of Love, Justice and Honor the way God does.   We can be happy for justice but let us do so with sober minds and mature responses while we seek to live in a more excellent way.  The way of love and honor.

May this  blog help us understand the character of our hearts.

As Jesus was hunted down and put to death by terrorists, He spoke up and said,

“Forgive them for they know not what they do.”



3 thoughts on “Responding To The Death of Bin Laden

  1. Preston, thank you for the words of truth that you have penned here. I, too, have been stirred in my spirit that the test of our love and compassion has been failed by a majority of the Church. I can’t get the Scripture out of my head where Jesus says that many people’s love will grow cold in the last days. I am also stirred that we boast about justice being served, when we ourselves are the ones who have received “rich mercy” (Eph. 2:4) instead of our deserved justice. If we all for God’s justice, we must remember that we ourselves deserve hell. Thanks be to Jesus for coming and showing the better way of love and mercy and forgiveness that you have layed out above. We need more “Daniels” who will love, serve, and honor even authorities against God, because greater is He in us than he in the world!

  2. Well said. I am reminded of Daniel who worked for the most wicked and peverse king in the world in his day and how he could say “O king live forever” and David who lead the mourning for Saul when he was killed. Thanks for reminding us of the Spirit of Christ!

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