Misunderstood: Maintaining The Heart of a King

If you are happy that you are misunderstood, something is wrong.  It may be normal to be misunderstood on certain matters but this is all the more reason to position yourself to learn and grow into a better communicator of your heart.  Yes, many people will always misunderstand you, as it is the nature of the fire that constitutes anyone who seeks to change the world with perspectives from another one.  This is especially true when you speak from a level that is deeper than the surface that many choose to live their life on.

Some people like to be misunderstood just to get attention.  Growing up, we know this from the kids at school who tried to do things just to get attention.  They tried to get others to react to their foolishness.  At the heart of the matter, being misunderstood is not fun for anybody.  Those needing attention often reveal a deeper issue of a void in their heart.  They are trying to get attention to be validated and they get it from getting others to notice or agree with them.  If someone agrees with them, they can feel powerful.  The only problem with this is that the void in their heart remains, for there is no real understanding.  But for the pure in heart, misunderstandings can lead to better understanding.  They also know they already have the Kings attention without ever having to do anything.

God will use misunderstandings in our life for exponential growth and the testing of our motives.  Misunderstandings or persecution turns into a blessing for us.  Jesus said, “Blessed are those who are persecuted for “righteousness sake”, not for attentions sake or selfish motives.  The pure in heart shall see this.  We have great opportunity for growth when our motives are pure, yet genuinely misunderstood.

I come from a school where my leaders are well known around the world and the fruit of their lives is genuinely transforming the world.  They often get email after email and response after response of people disagreeing with them with all levels of misunderstandings.  Many of these misunderstandings are simply cruel and immature, which causes those who know the Truth to easily discern the negative spirit in which they are written.  Jesus himself was misunderstood, not only by religious people, but also by his own disciples.  Responding and not reacting can protect, not only the immature in the world, but also the immature in our own circles and communities.  This is the heart of a king who longs for all to understand, even when they misunderstand the truth.

Two bridges in the gap of misunderstandings are authenticity & courage.  We must do our best to communicate our words with clarity to those willing to listen.  Those who are not willing to listen, you may have to let be.  Much time and energy is wasted on trying to tell people what you are NOT saying because they don’t listen or understand what you are saying.  Don’t waste your time explaining things to people with no value or insight into what you are saying.  It is like casting pearls before swine.  We know people have often refused to cross a bridge of understanding and often want to burn it down, even though it could lead them into their Promised Land.

One of the main reasons people are misunderstood when they live in ways counter to accepted beliefs, is because when people live or write powerfully, it intimidates those who don’t.  Each one of us was destined to live deep, rich and full lives and people tend to cut down that which they fear or are jealous of.  When others judge powerful people, discern where their judgments are coming from.  Powerful people cause powerful responses & reactions, both positive and negative.  (Powerful people do not have to be well known)

Powerful people speak directly to thought systems that keep people powerless, but they will not judge people.  The problem is that powerless people are so intertwined with powerless thoughts; they tend to react and attack the messenger instead of receiving the message that can set them free.  They think the messenger is judging them instead of the thought system behind them.  It is an issue rooted in a lie of the flesh.  The Apostle Paul explained, “we who are spiritual judge all things”, so when someone is living in the flesh or with powerless thoughts, the spiritual element that brings freedom is removed from their life.  When this is removed, they misunderstand the messenger’s heart.  Jesus, who is Love, spoke boldly to people while maintaining the heart of a king.  He was never hypocritical, but many misunderstood and thought He was.

The main point is to be real and authentic with who you are, as you grow in love and communication.  Do your best to keep growing and learning in areas you can communicate better.  Always be at peace with who God made you to be.  Learn from other people’s input that can shape you into a deeper person, while never compromising your authentic heart that makes up who you genuinely are.

When you are misunderstood, choose to respond and not react.  Sometimes silence will be your best option.  When you’re silent you can give others the opportunity to not say anymore things that can hurt them in the long run, even though they have a choice to do what they want.  Silence may give grace to those who judge you when you do not continue the cycle of judgment from within.  This can protect them and yourself from the negative effects of judging others.  Simply pray for those that persecute and misunderstand you.  This displays your heart of a king and not a judge.

Kings will rule the world because they have the heart and capacity to judge rightly with grace and truth because Love, not judgment, is first in their life.  Judges will not rule because they are first to judge, which displays their misunderstanding to throw the first stone.  In their misunderstanding they are quick to speak and slow to listen.  Kings are last to judge and shall be first because they are full of understanding.  They stand on The Rock, which under-stands the heart of the King.


Key:  The measure of judgment you use will determine the measure of entrustment you are given.  Your level of judgment determines the level of heaven’s entrustment.

“Do you not know that the saints will judge and govern the world?  And if the world is to be judged and governed by you…what manner of heart shall you be?” (1 Cor 6:2)


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