Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

“Jesus has been crying wolf for a while now, but some still can’t see the wolf is in their home, dressed in sheep’s clothing.”

I was thinking about this phrase the other day which made me think of these words by Jesus Himself,

“Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”

I would like to present to you an exposing of the mentality of ravenous wolves.  It is an influence that leaves its mark on people’s lives and minds.   I am not calling anyone a wolf as I  only seek to bring light to a wolf’s mentality and nature.  This will help us discern the root of concepts, teachings and world views that can be traced back to the paw prints of a wolf.  You must understand that a reaction to the exposing of a wolf’s influence sometimes causes people to miss the truth that sets them free, which reveals the very nature of a wolf to keep them blinded or offended.  When light exposes, its soul purpose is to set free.

The point of a wolf dressing up in sheep’s clothing is to disguise itself as right and good.  It uses this to enter into an inner circle to try and bring destruction in the name of truth.  It mostly looks to enter in the heart or mind of a person.  A wolfs mentality seeks to kill, steal and destroy but to do so with a spirit that tries to deceive someone into thinking its ways are true.

A major point of interest to a wolf, because it is a major point of interest to God, is meat.  The Meat of God and His word is the substance that causes the most transformation in someone’s life, as well as releases the most power.  Meat is a metaphor for the deep substance of God that is tangible.  Meat is often rejected and judged as heresy or false teaching by people living in the mist of a wolf’s influence.

Milk is symbolic of the basic foundations of nourishment in God, but left to itself can become spoiled and stale.  This is why milk is not a major concern with wolves because they can actually do much damage on those who feed on it too long.  This tactic stops people from maturing and growing with the more powerful sustenance of the meat God longs to give.

Those who know the biblical language of milk and meat understand 1 Peter 2:2 when he encouraged people to crave pure spiritual milk.  From this milk people could grow up into a “full experience of salvation.”  If people remain as newborn babies, the influence of their life is greatly limited and needy.  When they move past the point of breast feeding but don’t move past the point of breast feeding, they remain babies and do not grow properly.  Babies are easily deceived when they are supposed to have matured.  Meat causes exponential growth.  It is what forms character, love and power that can operate at high levels of discernment and revelation with the mysteries of God and the world.

You will also notice a baby needs help from others to survive.  In this state, people roam to and fro seeking teachings and support to grow by what is supposed to be established by their individual relationship with God.  These are the most dangerous of places because they may never grow up and are wide open to the influence of wolves.  They may find many teachers but they don’t find fathers. You can remain breast-feeding on a mother without ever being Fathered.

Fathers empower people to grow.  The Apostle Paul told some that they had many teachers but few fathers.  Fathers imitate how to hunt and get meat so that while they can give people something to eat, they can also train them to hunt for themselves.  This keeps people always maturing in the depths of life.

Some other tactics of a wolf is to use Scriptures to keep people locked into bondage and immaturity.  Since people have tasted that the Lord is good because of the milk they drank, they have value and insight for basic truths.  Yet if they don’t grow up to eat the meat of the Word in a relationship God, they will easily fall into patterns of powerlessness while trying to speak truths about God’s love.  They then have to adjust their worldview and scriptures to fit inside their powerlessness and lack of responsibility.  When one is locked into drinking milk void of meat, they twist the truth with the nature of a wolf.  They dress up the outside, while the inside is full of doubt and fear.  This is subtle compromise that still longs for truth.  It longs to experientially know the Father of Love that casts out all fear, instead of being fathered by lies that compromise truth.

Some of the fruit of the wolf’s mentality is hopelessness disguised by hope, compromise disguised by truth, fear disguised by wisdom, unbelief disguised by humility, and doubt disguised by trust.

Wolf mentalities may speak of wars and rumors of wars but are powerless to do anything about it.  They then create circles of fear instead of faith to protect their lives and beliefs.  It is a survival mentality and not an overcoming one that Jesus calls us to embrace.  Sadly this process causes many to protect themselves from the meat of God’s truth because it seams false to them and doesn’t taste like milk.  They have a hard time with powerful people because they have succumb to fear of punishment because they have not been fathered by God.  Powerful meat eaters are seen as arrogant or prideful to them.  It is easier for them to ignore Meat then to take the responsibility to chew AND swallow it, while spitting out the bones.  The bones are the tensions of truth that can be twisted.

The meat of God is often offensive.  While others hunger for it and find it, others protect themselves from it and explain why their brilliant theologies and world views are correct.  Meat is often hidden behind the labels of what some call heresy, false-doctrine, grace, love, wisdom, and truth.  Deep calls out to deep and shallow waters cannot contain the weight of misunderstandings or the powers that can truly love and transform the world.

Jesus asks us to become like a child to enter into His Kingdom.  But if we remain as a child while never maturing, we actually grow down into dysfunction instead of growing up into greatness.  We are to “grow up” into Him.  Maturity and innocence is a delicate balance of wisdom and joy.  If we are afraid of meat we will be like a child without the power to grow, instead of childlike with the power of our Father that reveals the innocence Jesus gave us.  The innocence that exposed and put to open shame the power of the wolf’s mentality to keep people blind and satisfied with lack.

In the part 2 of this blog we will look into the call to be sent as sheep in the midst of wolves.  We will further shed light on a wolf’s mentality so we can embrace God’s mentality that confronts it and invites all to be free.  We need His guidance into ALL truth.  This is experiential truth as we grow up into a “full experience of salvation” and not just the mention of it on our minds.  We will see that we are to be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.



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