The Power of a Servant’s Heart

A servant’s heart can never be underestimated.  It is responsible for the growth of communities, businesses, and families.  It causes growth and favor to come upon those around them, even if it goes unnoticed.  It releases the substance of hope with love.

A servant’s heart truly believes in benefiting others.  For example, one with this heart in the business world may not like the business they work for but because their worldview is bent on serving people, that business thrives when they are around.  Yes it may be easier when one likes the company they work for (I do!) but a servant’s heart thrives regardless of whether it does or not.  It pursues a genuine abundance of life for the people of a business or community.

A servant’s heart is not a slave to the world.  At times it may seam like it is but in reality, it is not.  This heart postures life in a way that blesses people and releases the influence and innovation of heaven.  It can take an area of influence that seams to have minimal value for eternity and cause it to thrive.  This gives those who are associated with it an opportunity to see the glory of God at work.

This is where the truth works and religion dies.  Religion begs for some sort of fruit for eternity to be understood and explained, where a servant’s heart serves and honors people regardless of their standing or position.  It moves love and honor into any situation and does not need to let people know what it is actually doing.  A true servant’s heart knows they are serving a higher purpose even beyond the flesh and blood before them.  It knows servant hood will affect all areas of life, both things understood and those that are not.

Here is a simple example.  Let’s say a man who dislikes life owns a hot dog stand.  He hires a servant hearted kid who takes this hot dog stand and turns it into a thriving business because the kid loves people and they feel it when they come to buy a hot dog.  The kid makes the boss look good and the boss recognizes it and begins to change his stance towards life as he see’s the glory on this kid who blesses him.

The hot dog stand was a gateway for a servant-hearted kid to serve and change the world.  His dream may not have been to work at a hot dog stand but his dream of being a genuine servant was.  From this, the hot dog man gets transformed and he decides to pursue his dream of owning quality restaurants, which he eventually goes on to do.  This all happened because a servant-hearted kid changed this man’s business AND his life.  By his servant heart, this kid brought the reality of promotion to his bosses life.  This promoted the boss to be blessed, which then promoted him to dream and then make his dream a reality.

The servant-hearted kid went on to graduate from college and is now a significant entrepreneur in another country.  The distance between insignificance to greatness is not that far.  Part of his journey was that he genuinely wanted this boss at the hot dog stand to truly live and be blessed, which he then in turn caused.  (Of course some people can remain ignorant to the invitation that a servant-heart brings them, this is the power of choice, but at least the invitation and opportunities are brought before them)

I will tell you now, there is a difference between serving out of fear, performance and whatever false motivation lies in a heart.  Serving in itself does nothing apart from a true attitude of the heart that goes with it.  Without a true servant’s heart people are in great danger to release the opposite of growth with their supposed serving.  This will not transform communities, business or families.  A true servants’ heart serves with the power and substance of love, honor and the genuine response to see people blessed and to do life well.

Search your heart and see if you have a servant’s heart.  This is a place where promotion thrives with God and man.  If you feel you don’t have it, ask for it, and it will surely come if you want it.  Servant hearted people position themselves and the world for promotion and advancement and I don’t have to tell you what a non-servant heart positions the world for.  The power of a servant’s heart changes lives, communities and cultures.

Let us serve with joy in the power of a servant’s heart.


Some definitions of Serve are:  1.  To work for.  2.  To prepare and offer.  3.  To place food before someone.

1.  We are privileged to work for the benefit and life of others.  2.  We are called to prepare them for promotion with our good works.  To offer them a better way of doing life.  3.  To place the food of God before them so they can feast on His goodness and ways which ultimately invites them to know the source of a servant’s heart from the greatest Servant Himself.


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