Quality vs Poverty

As I mature in life, I am always trying to walk in genuine wisdom and discernment while testing the wisdom others present me.  I do this to learn, not to be independent.  This helps me know exactly what others are presenting me in a world where they are easily tossed to and fro by various influences.  I can often discern bad fruit wrapped with an outside layer of good intentions.  Though some have well meaning advice, the core of it is actually a destructive substance. Learning the difference between quality and poverty influences will  take us to their sources.  It is where we learn what we ourselves and others are actually “dependent” on.

I am constantly learning the value of a quality mindset over a poverty mindset.  A poverty mindset is one that is bound by some sort of fear or lack.  Since I am called to live without fear in perfect love, I want to live with quality decisions that affect my life now and forever.  While I do not always make those choices, I am constantly building a quality substance inside my heart that is being transformed to make them.

Money is always a great gauge of poverty or quality but is not the determining factor.  The greater reality is the substance of the heart.  Yet, money is a great compass in our culture to know where our heart may actually be.  I see consumer mentalities that think buying the cheapest things are the way to be wise and save money, when in reality they are often the most expensive and unwise choices in the long run.  It is a disguise of the consumer mentality that says I need it now, regardless of its quality.  The problem is when you get it now; you may have to get it again and again in the future.

Some great examples of this would be shoes, vacuums, cars, groceries, friends, computers, and the list goes on.  Some people tend to get inexpensive supplies of these while disregarding the quality and the long- term effect on their life and health.  Some will buy cheap food that has detrimental effects on their health, while disregarding natural foods that are more expensive, but healthier. They end up paying thousands on hospital bills and drugs later on in life to deal with their poverty mentality that chose cheap food for it’s supposed value.

Some people buy cheaper vacuums that actually make a home worse for allergens, bacteria and dust particles then the supposed “seen” dust it sucks up. Of course, just because something is cheap or expensive doesn’t mean it’s a quality thing.  The price may not be the issue but it often is.  Some people find cheap friends who are just as needy as them and together they build poverty strongholds that lock them into a lesser quality of life.  The list goes on and on and it is a never-ending cycle of poverty that is only broken by making a choice to renew the mind and live a quality life.

I am learning these realities and there affect on people.  I long for wholeness in others and myself.  I want real wisdom and discernment that is not dictated by what people think or by the latest advertisement or even buy what my checkbook reads.  I want the wisdom that is from above which is pure.  It is a wisdom void of fear and the dysfunctional ways of the world.  A true quality and abundant life is found in discernment that continues to know the One who can guide us into all truth.  The One who sets people free indeed to live in quality and abundance, not poverty.

You can obviously have quality things while living in poverty because it is  not what you own but what owns you.  It is a matter of why you do what you do.  I hope you will live a quality life in the prosperity of your own soul, while never succumbing to the poverty mindset.  These core values can transform the culture and let the things that need to die be “consumed” by something other then bad decisions (*).  May we make decisions  NOT based on good intentions or what others may think, but “buy” intentions and choices made from a quality life with God.

With eyes to see,


“I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, so that you may be rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself and the shame of your nakedness may not be seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, so that you may see.”- Revelation 3:18

(*) Last Paragraph:  Our God is a “consuming fire.” – Hebrews 12:29


One thought on “Quality vs Poverty

  1. Preston! I loved this! It is so true…but we are a people so used to taking the”easy” route in life and really don’t “consider these things”! I love your writing and your blog is amazing! Good for you…You definately have something to say, so keep saying it!

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