Marked by Music


Today many things are marked by music.  Some of the many examples are weddings, movies, advertisements, sporting events, etc.  Music seems to be something that naturally speaks to everyone.  Sometimes it is good and other times it is not.  Have you ever heard someone screaming, “turn that crap off!” or “Oh, I love this song!”

I thought about this concept of being marked by music as I was sitting in my cousins wedding on Saturday.  When the music stopped, everyone started to be quiet as they waited in anticipation for the next thing to happen or for another song to start that would usher in the next moment of this experience.  When it is silent, we wait for the music to start.  We are marked by the anticipation of  music.

Movies become better depending on the right combination of music with the scenes.  Life experiences can become powerful with the right combination of music in the moments we find ourselves in.  It is not always the fact that music fills in the gaps between our minds or ears; it is that we are learning how music fills the gaps in our hearts.  Sometimes music is just background noise, while other times it is the very substance that triggers our hearts to breathe deeper and become more alive.

This is why people get paid to produce music and design ways to use it to inspire or even sell people.  Advertisers use catchy songs or famous lyrics to promote what they’re selling you.  Movies use it to heighten the experience of your senses.  People flock to concerts to hear their favorite bands so they can be caught up in the transcendence of the music experience.  They connect with something that has become a piece of their life.  People search for the next favorite song of their liking so it can tell them something about their life.

What music moves you?  Music was designed to move you in the depths of your soul.  It was designed to mark your life with inspiration and genuine freedom.  What are the life songs of your existence?  What rhythm are you moving to?  What song is on your heart that longs to be on your lips?  We are marked by music.  We were designed to hear it, sing it, as well as make it with our hearts.  Maybe you are still waiting to hear?  Keep Listening.

Let your greatest hits continue to inspire you.  Let the songs that only your heart knows be released to give you the momentum to proceed with the movement it produces in your life.  More then the songs playing on the TV , radio or your IPod, what song is playing on your heart?  You have the choice to play what you want.  You have the choice to listen to what moves you further onto your path of life or death.  We are all marked by music.


(The photo is a picture of my mother playing music for my cousins wedding.  Up in this balcony is where I thought about the concept for this blog)


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