To Speak or Not to Speak. That is The Question

Explanations are helpful for us in many ways.  They help us understand life whether it’s the things we buy with instruction manuals or things that help us learn how to do life well.  Of course, explanations can be destructive depending on their source.  But in life, explanations do reach an end.  Sometimes it is best not trying to explain something because in doing so, you may lessen what you already know with trying to explain what you know.

A man went to heaven where he heard and saw inexpressible things that words cannot describe (2 Cor12:2-4).  This man tried to explain some of the things he saw but it did not work out well for him.  From this experience he learned that through the substance of his life and with speaking calculated words, he could just “be” the explanation of what he heard and saw.  He found that his life could impart the substance of what he came to understand from God.

This call to not try and explain certain things is a major part of the development and maturity in people.  If we explain things outside of their time or in ways that diminish their actual substance, we may only hurt ourselves as well as the others around us.  This is especially true when positioned in a world where some people have an insatiable desire to learn but are unable to arrive at the knowledge of truth.

We must often be slow to speak and quick to listen, even when what we hear excites us to the point of ecstasy.  We must learn to “become” the revelation we hear from God and from others, which builds us up, “line upon line” with what God is actually saying or doing.  We must be careful not to give away our pearls of wisdom to pigs, which is giving to those who have no value for the things we know or even what we are seeking to know.

Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.” –Matt 7:6

Of course, this must be balanced in a world that can be vulnerable to anyone’s opinions, yes even subjected to the opinions of dogs and pigs.  But the growth of our love to release true knowledge to others must never be hindered by the fear of man or what people think.  So this truth must be balanced with Wisdom and Courage.

For me this all comes back to our relationship with God.  He loves to show and tell us things just for us to know and see.  If needed, He will direct us to share things we see and hear in their proper time, whether because of others in need or because he directs us be silent so we ourselves can mature with the information presented.  We must ask the question if we are to speak or not to speak, certain things to certain people.  What are our motives?  What is God saying and doing?  Are we speaking to sound smart or are we speaking to assist in others growth?  And are we speaking something that God does not want us to speak?  These questions can help people in all walks of life.

So the question remains.  To speak or not to speak?   The answer to this question and it’s follow through, builds discernment.  This is the substance of our being from what we have personally been seeing or hearing.  I leave you with a question from an ancient proverb.  Are you quick to speak or are you slow to listen to what is actually going on?



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