Pigs, Dogs & Stewardship

“Guard your heart more than anything else, because the Source of your life flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23

“Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.”Matt 7-6

These verses show us an attitude of the heart we may want to avoid sharing our hearts with. 

In the past, when I would receive revelation from God or even hear truth from amazing teachers, I would be instantly filled with the joy of this knowledge.   I knew it was from God and that it could change anybody’s life that truly listened to it.  The problem was that many of the people I wanted to tell were in no place to hear it.  They questioned it and even cautioned me to be careful of certain teachings.  People tend to be afraid of what they do not understand and are also apt to judge things they have never experienced.  Unbelief is a terrible judge.

Upon hearing their responses, I would often become disheartened and confused because I thought this great revelation from God was life changing.  I would then question God, my teachers and myself as I became confused with what was true.  As I matured, I began to see that casting your pearls of revelation from God before certain attitudes in people was actually not beneficial for them or me.  It scared them and brought doubt to me.  I learned that I must use wisdom with sharing certain things with certain people, because many were in no position to receive it, even though it was truth.

I have come to know that:  Stewarding my own heart can also steward the hearts of those under the attitude of a dog or pig.

I also found that my reaction to the doubt that came from others reactions was because I myself did not steward the revelation long enough for it to become apart of my being.  It was only a great thought that was true, but I did not allow it to be a part of who I was.  I would have to “become the message” and from that place I could easily live my life in a way that appropriated the truths I came to genuinely know. From this place of being, I obtained a substance of hope that could not be hindered by other’s reactions or unbelief.  It is in this place we are transformed and where momentum only knows increase.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is..”-Romans 12:2

The pattern of the world loves knowledge but unless they are transformed, they are  never able to arrive at the knowledge of the truth.  They accumulate “Assumed Knowledge”, that doesn’t transform and is often proven wrong.

Stewarding Revelation

Often we receive things or ideas that we are excited about and we naturally want to tell people about them.  The main point is to cultivate truth and ideas with God so we don’t lose momentum by sharing things with others (yes, even close family or friends can operate in the spirit of a dog or pig).  Sharing things too early or with people we shouldn’t can discourage us when they don’t see or value what we know.  This can create hopelessness and unbelief.  Make sure you are secure in your faith before you share things that people will likely dispute.

The spirit of pigs and dogs will trample truth under their feet and tear your momentum to pieces.  You must discern the attitudes of people’s hearts.  Sadly, the spirit of the pig and dog is often true of people who have good intentions but can’t see that their “good intentions” are keeping others and themselves away from the faith for transformation.  Patience and love will keep you focused on helping others to see the light and not succumb to an attitude of a dog or a pig, which exalts unbelief and fear.

Key parable to ponder:  Dogs get their food off the floor and they are often fed leftovers of complete meals.  Some dogs will eat “anything” they think is food.

Slow to Speak, Quick to Listen

Speaking before listening can hinder growth and release confusion into people’s life.  The world is full of “Assumed Knowledge,” which perpetuates confusion and exalts itself above the knowledge of God.  People have always thought something was this way and found out it was another way.   We must be wise with who we share our hearts with and know what stage of belief our own hearts reside.

Overall, being slow to speak and using discernment helps us keep our momentum with God and it protects our hearts from people that may hurt us unintentionally or intentionally.  It uses wisdom in learning to secure what we know with God, and knowing when and who to share that with, if ever at all.  What this actually does is it reveals a trust in God above anyone else.  It listens first to Him, then to others.  It is similar in substance to the command to love God first and then to love others.  First, love His knowledge that He gives.

When we rest in Him, He commands the dogs to sit and He casts the pigs into the sea, placing the enemies of His knowledge under our feet*.  It is so much better to have them under our feet instead of us under their feet. 


*Psalm 110:1 *Matt 8:32 *Luke 10:19 *Psalm 91:13

Deeper Insight

Along with the times to not speak, there are also times to speak, regardless of the presence of dogs and pigs.  We should never not speak when we are supposed to regardless of the offense that others may receive.  When one does not receive truth because they have the attitude of a dog or pig, they can only receive offense.  But in doing so, we can steward their hearts to also get past offense and into freedom.  Offense always gives you an opportunity to overcome it.

Jesus stewarded His heart and the heart of others, but made it clear that what He said and did would offend others.  (Which was the majority of what He said and did)  

He said, “Blessed is He who is not offended at me.”-Luke 7:23

He said this after sharing about the power of the true Gospel and the nature of God that those who followed Him were to know and speak of.  This is the stuff that will command dogs to sit and  pigs to cry wee-wee all the way home. Hopefully, prodigal hearts will come home to the Father.


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