Embrace The Fire

I would like to hear your perspective on the following question.

Take some time to meditate on it if you can.

Years ago, the Lord asked me this question.

“What would happen if we raised up a generation that embraced the fire and liked it?”

While I have some understanding of what He has said, I would like you the reader to tell me what you think it means to you.  I want to hear what your PERSPECTIVE is.

What does embraceing the fire mean?

What is the fire?

What happens when this fire is embraced and liked?

Feel FREE to speak of anything else you get from this.


With Hunger For More,


I pray you would be part of this generation that embraces the fire and likes it.


One thought on “Embrace The Fire

  1. I have prayed for a long time for a baptism of fire. Jesus told the disciples that they would be baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire – which they were on the Day of Pentecost. Does that still come with the baptism of Holy Spirit? Jesus said “I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!” (Lk 12:49) He had to go through his baptism of suffering – is that the fire we go through? Each one of us has different trials of suffering and fires but when we come through them, hopefully, we come out as purified gold. Jesus didn’t come to bring peace on earth at that time (Lk 12:51), yet He is the Prince of Peace to all who know Him. I know He has refined me with fire and I like it! (my thoughts 🙂

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