The Year of Courage

I wrote this many months ago.

We found out yesterday that our child in Bethany’s womb is a boy.  It is Courage Ruah Hall.  We assumed this all along for a few different reasons.  One, Bob Jones prophesied that this was the year of the lion.  We felt this was the year of Courage as Lions are synonymous with Courage.  Second, before I was married, I had a dream of my little boy.  It was a powerful dream that revealed his distinct laugh that was significantly full, even at a very young age.  Laughing is also connected to those with Courage because they possess such great joy and faith.

Our son Courage is a great picture of something that should be present in the depths of our beings.  All of us are called to possess courage in the innermost parts of who we are.  Courage is in Bethany’s womb right now, enjoying the process of being created in the comfort and safety of the womb.  We are to have Courage in our bellies.  Courage serves heaven and the world through the process of co-creating with God, while bringing His kingdom to the places around us.  We also do this in the womb of our God and is where we know peace, safety and joy in every moment.

Psalm 110:3 says,

“Your people shall be volunteers in the Day of Your power; In the beauties of holiness, from the “womb” of the morning, You have the dew of Your youth.”

I awoke this morning thinking about the “womb of the morning.”  The Lord said to me once that, “If you get up early and pray you have authority to make history for that day.”  The womb of the morning is the most precious time for me because of this and because of the great intimacy I have with God each day.  I can sit with God and listen to His words of en”courage”ment, love and direction for my life and even the life of others.  I do this for hours before work, which gives Him and I quality time together.  Some days I never want to leave my prayer room because it is so special, but I  must take Courage for He is with me wherever I go.

Courage is needed to act on the words and direction the Lord gives.  His commands in Scripture alone are enough to make a fearful heart shutter and a religious man twist His words to not take responsibility for His ways.  We need supernatural courage and a deep relationship with God to do what He says we can do.  When our hearts are right, we understand that it is one of the most joyous things in the world to follow through with His commands.  He says we are supposed to be doing greater works then Jesus did.  We might need some major Courage to do this, don’t you think?


Psalm 110:3 refers to us being “volunteers on the day of Power.”   A Volunteer is someone who chooses to walk in His power without a law that says they have to or should do so.  It is a picture of true lovers  of God who worship in Spirit and in Truth.  It is a picture of those willing to go low, learn and grow in knowing who God really is.  Volunteers want to see the heart of God manifested.  People who don’t volunteer for His power reveals to me that they are more concerned with living their own agenda’s, apart from God’s.  Powerlessness is uncalled for and only spells compromise.  We are called to know Him in His power. (Phil 3:10)

It takes Courage to go where we are supposed to go in God and with God.  It takes Courage to believe in who He says we are as His glorious children.  It takes Courage to go against the world systems that hate you and despise the nature of love and truth.  It takes Courage to gain the perspective of joy when you are persecuted or ridiculed.   My friend Randall once said something like this, “if you are not being labeled a heretic, you probably haven’t started preaching the truth yet.”  Jesus was a great example of this.  It takes Courage to stand in the face of those who judge you in the very name of Truth, as well as Courage to love them.

Courage is what we need.  It is given to us by God Himself, and is the only place genuine Courage comes from.  Aslan, the lion in Narnia, is a great picture of this.  This is the year of the lion.  This is the year of Courage.  The year to not care what any lesser god or person would ever say or do against the words of our Father that tells us what to say and do.  Courage is growing in our bellies.  It is needed but more should be wanted.  Come to the front lines because as Bill Johnson says, “the frontlines are the safest place to be. “  Courage is yours if you want Him.


Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”-Joshua 1:9


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