Where The Wild Things Are

The wilderness is often known as a place of adventure.  It is a place where people find themselves free to be without the confines of busyness, people and the life of a consumer world.  Here they can be consumed by the adventure of the wild.  The adventure that is preserved for them alone.  In history, it is those who have ventured into the wild who found the greatest discoveries and paved the way for future generations to see and find habitation in distant lands.

Wikipedia defines wilderness as follows,

Wilderness is a natural environment on Earth that has not been significantly modified by human activity. It may also be defined as: “The most intact, undisturbed wild natural areas left on our planet—those last truly wild places that humans do not control and have not developed with roads, pipelines or other industrial infrastructure.”[1

The word wilderness derives from the notion of “wildness”—in other words, that which is not controllable by humans.

The Wildness of His Love

Continuing with this definition, “The most intact, undisturbed wild natural areas left on our planet…”, God invites us into the wilderness where He controls and develops roads, pipelines and other infrastructures of His life and Kingdom in our lives.  Many often think of the wilderness in Scriptures as a barren place, which it is.  It is barren from all the things man has touched on the earth.  In these places, the abundance and creativity of God thrive.  When Jesus ventured into the wilderness, He ventured into a place of great danger, yet great reward.  He was lead there by the Spirit.  When he returned, He returned with a contagious “wild fire” that brought about the greatest movement of love and power in the history of man.  His infrastructure was built on His Fathers voice and an unshakable Kingdom.

Being lead into the wild, Jesus not only left the voices of the natural world behind, but also came face to face with the voices of the supernatural world from which He came.  He entered a place where Satan tempted Him, but His angels strengthened Him.  The wilderness is the perfect place of learning to trust God and not succumb to the temptations of the wild that can cause rebellion and compromise by self-sufficiency.  Jesus was learning the revelation of complete trust and joy in God alone that takes precedent over all lesser things.  By being in the wilderness, He was taking complete authority over the lies of the enemy and over the natural lifestyle of people back in their cities, living in the comforts of their home.  This fasting from the natural world and feasting on prayer that makes it’s home in God taught Him the abundant life.  The life that flows from the adventures of a wild life in God that always seeks Him and the things above instead of the things of the earth.

The Father invites us into the wild, to see if we have the faith of a child and the rush of adventure for His heart alone.  This is a place that freely burns away any lesser thing so we can be abundantly and eternally focused on Him.  He tests our hearts to see what quality of faith and adventure we are of and whether it is in Him alone.  He is jealous for us to only know the adventures in Him because He knows it is the only thing that satisfies His children and impacts eternity where He lives.

 The Invitation Into The Wild

Jesus invites us to the wilderness, to the place of “wildness” where the wind blows where it wishes, even when you do not know where it comes from.  The sound of His voice assures us we are on an adventure of advancement in this wilderness.  These wilderness places are untouched and uncontrolled by man.  One of the main places this wilderness of possibility awaits us, is behind closed doors, in the secret place with our Father.  Jesus often departed into the wild to pray in secret.  Here, in the wilderness, hearts thrive as infrastructures, movements and roads are built to establish life firmly in God.

Wilderness seasons are not to be hard or burdensome, as many have made them out to be.  They are to be places where we leave all that is familiar, so we can become familiar with the unfamiliar parts of God we do not yet know.  This is why the wilderness is often a place of the great unknown.  It is not familiar because new things are to be seen, heard and discovered.  Moving forward into the wild gives us the capacity to continue pursuing the One who matters most, without stopping or getting comfortable with less.  He leads us into the wild so we can remain wild in and for Him.  In this state, we are able to be mobile like the wind, going wherever He leads.  It is here we are filled with the joy of walking by faith and not sight.  It is a lifestyle of charting the uncharted dimensions of His heart in us.

A man named John came baptizing in the wilderness and he preached a baptism of repentance for the remission of sins (2).  Jesus came to this man of the wild to be baptized by him.  I invite you to a “baptism of the wilderness.”  A baptism that turns from a life that is stale, powerless, bored, stagnant or predictable, to a place of wild adventure in God.  A place untouched by human hands.  A place that follows the Spirit in and out of the wilderness and continually returns with great movements of love and power.  Be baptized by the Spirit, which releases the freedom to follow God into the wild unknown, so that He may be known.

This is a call to the Wild.  A call into the fire of His love that never grows dim.  The Love that beckons you to continuously follow, while considering everything else a loss compared to knowing Him.

Where the wild things are,


  1. ^ “What is a Wilderness Area”. The WILD Foundation. Retrieved 2009-02-20.
  2. Mark 1:4

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