The Sky Is Not The Limit

Have you heard the phrase, “The sky is the limit”.  We know this phrase is untrue because of the advances of our time that reveal the ability to travel to outer space and even the moon.  The sky is not the limit but the space we have not yet traveled is.

When we speak of sky, we speak of a God created space that exists inside His earthly creation.  The sky is glorious as it captures the light of the rising or setting sun.  It lights up with the horizon with the moon, stars and rotating planets.  But all of this is a mere reflection of a deep dimension of reality that exists in exactly that, another dimension.

The sky is something we speak of that we see in a direction.  People know directive phrase’s of words like, “up in the sky”, or even the term “skydiving” which insinuates falling through the sky to the earth, hopefully with ends with parachute to land.  The Kingdom of God, as Our friend Randall Worley has recently reminded us, exists not in the sky or a direction, but a dimension.

Randall poses a great question concerning the account of Jesus being transfigured before His friends on a prayer journey to a mountain.  This journey resulted in a visit from Moses and Elijah.  Makes you want to go on more prayer journeys with Jesus doesn’t it?  Randal asks the question, “Where Moses and Elijah come from?  Did they travel a great distant to get there or did they simply step through another dimension?  If a great cloud of witnesses’ surround us, then where are they?   Are they looking down from great heights or are they surrounding us intimately from a simple dimension that is “closer then we think.”

If it is closer then we think then maybe we need to think a bit closer about what is real.  The sky is not the limit, but your mind is.  May we think a little more and then even more then that, until we are without limitation as one having the mind of Christ.  The Kingdom of God is not far away.  It is at hand and within reach.  God then is not far away.  He is at hand, within reach.  God asks us to take His hand as He leads us to unfamiliar lands that cause us to burn with a Holy fascination for Himself and His ways.  Please prepare yourself because He will take you outside of what is familiar and show you things beyond what you can ask, think or even imagine.





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