Status Qou

They say that if you challenge the status quo you will not be able to live a peaceable life.  But the peace they are referring to is the peace the world gives which doesn’t amount to anything.  Everyone who has ever truthfully challenged the status quo has brought great breakthroughs to people’s understanding.  My favorite of all these challengers was Jesus Christ.  On the other-side of the status quo, the side that seams false, uncomfortable, and wrong to people satisfied with what they currently know, rests a Kingdom that only knows increase, advancement, and wonder.  It is in this realm earthly limitations are exposed and new heights are discovered.

The status quo is defined as an existing state of affairs and keeping things the way they presently are.  My play on words in this case is true.  The status quo is simply the state of having an affair with a lesser gods idea rather then radical devotion to Jesus and His kingdom.  It is exalting itself above the knowledge of God.  Jesus said, “No one, having put their hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God. “ The Kingdom moves forward while the Status Quo looks back and lives in fear and apathy.  The Kingdom knows advancement with the peace that only He can give.



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