The Gift of Being Uncomfortable

A great gift has been provided for us in the way that we have been designed.  It is the gift of being uncomfortable.  Much like the gift of pain, we will seek an answer to a problem if we are uncomfortable.  The question is always, where will we seek the answer to be comforted?  When we are uncomfortable it is because something is not right.  Whether this is because we believe the wrong things or that something outside of us is not right, will vary.  So this gift can expose a false trust in something or be a gift of discernment for something happening around or to you.  This also means something right could be happening to you but you think it is wrong.

God uses the gift of being uncomfortable to see where you seek your comfort.  Will you try to find it in another source other then Him or will you come into the Presence of the Comforter to know true peace?  The gift of being uncomfortable is often used in the process of living in ways that are not God’s best.  If we have areas of our lives that are still conformed to a pattern of this world and not His, we will be uncomfortable, until we decide to be transformed by the renewing of our mind (Rom 12:2).  Again, those who fail to be renewed are usually those who will spiritualize or de-spiritualize things to protect their uncomfortableness and remain in their deceptive state.  This is also where false teaching arises.  The following is an example.

You may have heard a teaching using the Scripture, “God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and God’s ways are not our ways.”  While this is true in many cases, I have often heard it from people who use this phrase as an excuse to not know God’s thoughts or ways.  People use this Scripture to spiritualize their position of unbelief and their lack of pursuit to know God in His fullness.  We are invited to know Him, which involves knowing His thoughts and ways, while trusting them (1 Cor 2:9-16).  Besides one cannot prove His will (Rom 12:2) if they do not know God and His ways.

Without knowing God’s thoughts and ways, one is left with powerless theories and theologies of what they think about God, even though the may have the right words to say.  This may only add confusion to the gift of being uncomfortable by personifying a peace that is actually false.  But in this state, the gift of being uncomfortable can work even more powerfully IF one turns to see the invitation to know the Comforter.  What true hope and peace their is for us when we see correctly!

God allows you to live by your own choices and thought systems.  If they are not in line with His, He will always seek to woo you onto His path of Life.  He also knows that those who truly love Him will use the gift of being uncomfortable to seek Him with all their heart and mind, until they find Him and our Comforted by His embrace.  Obviously, if you love the world and it’s thought systems, it will be hard for you to accept God’s thoughts and ways.  This is also why we speak in certain terms with how God’s ways involve signs and wonders.  These terms speak to earthly mindsets as to give understanding of Heaven.

When God moves through His people, it is often not in the ways the world is used to.  We call them signs and wonders because they reveal something of another world that is manifesting itself on our earthly plane.  But to God they are not signs and wonders, they are normal.  This is why the normal Christian life involves signs and wonders, because without them, you fail to have God or His power revealed in your life.  Eventually, they need not be called signs and wonders because they are just God, His thoughts and ways that have become “normal” to you.  This is where the gift of being uncomfortable has lead you to be Comforted by God alone.

So if you find yourself uncomfortable, ask yourself if you are using this invitation to know God or to protect yourself.  Are you using it to run to other sources of comfort that really don’t satisfy?  The gift of being uncomfortable will drive true seekers of God to not miss out on the great gift and privilege of knowing God, His thoughts and His ways.  This does not mean that your familiarity with His wonders will never make you “wonder” again.  It just means that His signs and wonders will no longer be uncomfortable for you.  And if what I have said here today makes you uncomfortable, then use this gift to seek Comfort in all the right places.

May you be comforted and guided into all Truth,



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