Fear or Discernment

Growing up, when someone would place food in front of me that looked or smelled funny, I would not eat it.  Even though my parents would urge me to try a small portion and explain that it was good for me, I didn’t want to experience what I felt would be a gross or unpleasant.  This is a great example of “fear” disguising itself as discernment.

Many people call their “fear” discernment and it “feels” right to them.  What they believe to be true is based on a theory without proper experience.  To go back to my previous example, I have found that I now like certain foods that I would not allow myself to experience growing up and they are actually good for me.  Back then, I did not dare to experience what others said would be good for me.  I was deceived with my own perception of things.

Many times people will share great truths to us but we feel they are wrong because they smell and we think they would taste funny if we actually swallowed them into our being.  We then tend to stay away from that which makes us uncomfortable or seems not good.  We then judge this “food” or knowledge that is really good for us, as bad fruit because our discernment is really fear masquerading as wisdom.

People fear that which they do not understand.  Some kids will be asked to taste certain food but will be determined to prove that they will not like it and so they do not like it based on wanting to prove that their perception is right.  Where did they learn that?  We must be humble enough to experience that which can be good for us which is currently not a part of our value or belief system and simply lies outside of our current understanding.

As I have grown up, I love to experience new foods, especially when I know they are good for me.  Discernment is wisdom growing up.  Fear keeps people on self-protective journeys that never can experience true life beyond their own self.  The food/knowledge that we digest or avoid will determine the state of our heart and what it is allowed to know by experience or just theory.

That which we feared can be turned into true discernment when one is empowered to overcome their inferior perspectives and experiences in which fear was previously allowed to rule.


“But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.”  Hebrews 5:14


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