Christmas Beyond the Fence

God often speaks to us through the things around us.  I am currently at my in-laws and beyond their backyard is a open space for their neighbor’s horses.  These horses have a decent amount of space to run around in yet they have an illusion of freedom because of being fenced in from experiencing the great unknown beyond the walls.  This began to speak volumes to me.  Just because we have a lot of legroom doesn’t mean we are free.

Like horses and many animals for example, we are meant to be free in the wild.  We are meant to be free to explore the endless realms of God.  Scripture says that we who have the Spirit, have the Spirit that searches the deep things of God and He makes these things known to us.  We may never explore the ends of this earth and the sights of other countries but we are all invited to explore the deep realms of God through the gate, Jesus Christ.

I am reminded of the Christmas story and how Jesus came to show us the way by setting us free from bondage of a fallen planet and set us free He did.  He came as the very doorway to freedom.  He came to open a door in the fence that allows us to run wild with Him.  He gave us access to the wild through that door so that we would no longer be fenced in by the limitations of man and the desire for control.

Like horses in a stable, being set free to run without fences, Jesus came to earth, born in a stable to set us free.  We know this, not by a re-telling of the Christmas story from history, but by going through that narrow gate in the fence and experiencing it.   We are experience the actual Christmas story.

There is a major difference between people who stand around the fence and tell of this great story and those who go through the Gate to experience its reality.  If you are afraid of experience, then you are afraid of God and He would like you to be set free from fear so you can experience the endless realms of His goodness and experience the deep things of His heart.  This is the heart of the Christmas story beyond the fence.

So this Christmas if you have been one who has lived on the wrong side of the fence, only talking about the hope of going beyond it, may you go through the Beautiful Gate, Jesus Himself and live in the actual experience of the Christmas story.  May you not camp around the stables of old and tell stories of what has happened, but may you live in His Story, as you run free through the Door into the wild unknown.  Beyond this fence the unknown becomes known as you experience the freedom of His world.  We were born to be free and run this wild race set before us into the endless pleasures of God.  Christmas is here and will be again tomorrow.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year beyond the fence,



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