Absolute Reality

Often, reality exists in absolutes that change depending on their context.  While absolutes never change, they can change depending on the movement of there context.  The diversity of absolutes also confuses people who are limited by their understanding of absolutes.   Seeming contradictions are nothing more then truth veiled to an un-renewed mind.  This is why just saying a truth doesn’t mean hearers will understand because their understanding may be out of context from what is spoken.  This can be because hearers have no grid for what is spoken or because they don’t want to change their understanding, but in both cases, the veil remains the same.  Some do not listen to the point of learning and may have only listened to the point of confirming what they already believe or don’t believe.  Blindness in understanding comes from not stepping into the light.  Many find that what they thought was light was just something disguised as light but is actually false or misguided understanding.  It can be deception in its craftiest form.  Dark glasses will only see things dimly and have no sight of the whole picture.  Proper light reveals an entire picture of what is truly there, even if what is there is so complex, it takes years to understand its beauty.

An explorer who has never seen the Grand Canyon but is camping at its edge and awakens at the crack of dawn will begin to see the grand beauty before him.  It may take years to discover all the depths and heights of these canyons, but light has shone on what is before him.  True understanding comes from exploring what is before you in the light.  Dim understanding see’s the canyon in the twilight but never ventures out to experience it, even though one may tell everyone about it’s beauty.  Their absolute understanding is only based on one picture before them without experiencing the inner walls of discovery within that picture.  Canyons of thought must be explored while canyons of preconceived ideas must be cast into the sea.  The invitation remains to see both the big picture and explore its reality that continues to experience the absolutes that will transform a life to see things clearly.




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