Your BUT is too big.

We all have been a part of a scenario where someone is passionately describing things they want to do or believe and someone will chime in “but….”.   These moments consist of someone trying to display wisdom for someone to see “the bigger picture,”or they can be moments where unbelief simply speaks up.  People have overcome big buts for thousands of years.  Some told the inventors of the airplane that they could never fly.  Some have told the great inventors of our time that they could never do what they have now done.  All these make up the big buts that plague an unbeliever’s heart.  We even understand that “believers” can have big buts too and they have been understood as “unbelieving believers.”

God has a big but as well.  His but is big and trumps all lesser buts.  A great example of this is found in Ephesians 2:1-10.  This passage 1st speaks of a realm consumed with corruption where unbelievers live and previous unbelievers lived, but then it leads to the big but of God.  Verse 4 says “But God made us alive….”, which eventually leads us to verse 10, which speaks of how we are, “God’s workmanship in Christ Jesus for good works that we should walk in them.”  God’s but allows us to walk without man’s buts getting in the way.  We can walk with the substance that believes all things are possible without succumbing to unbelief’s rebuttal.

You will notice that most small children do not have big butts, at least those who are healthy.  The only acceptation is when they wear diapers, which really doesn’t make their butt any bigger.  Jesus said that we are to have the faith like a child to see and walk in His Kingdom realities.  In His world, pure faith has no but to refuse His ways.  Symbolically some people have giant diapers on to catch what they supposes is crap (lies) or even to use as a cushion to comfort them when they fall by their reasoning.  Men and women of faith push unbelief’s “but” comfort- zone button.  Even “believers” can stay in diapers without ever becoming like a child and so they walk with dirty buts that never allow faith to grow.

I am writing this to point you to Jesus who sets men free and who are then free indeed.  You are free to believe God with a love and purity that moves beyond the limitations of unbelief.  You are free to live in His love that moves you to beautify the world with great inventions that reveal the genius of His world.  You are free to actually believe His Scriptures and what they say about who you are and what you can do.   You are free to let every man be a liar and let God be God.  Yes, let God be true and every man be a liar.  I don’t like big buts and I cannot lie…unless of course it is God’s, which I cannot deny.



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