America The Beautiful

I am grateful to live in this nation called America.  She is not perfect but she has much freedom that still remains for you and me.  I believe America has a bright future for those who believe and live to beautify her imperfect, but stunning features.  There are battles to be fought, but there are many thanks to be given.

America is one of the greatest lands to pursue God in.  We have so much opportunity to live wholeheartedly in this land than in other lands around the world.  The blessing and freedom of this nation gives rise to have many idols or blessings, which gives us accurate opportunities to know where our hearts are.  Because we have opportunities to thrive in this nation, we have opportunities to crash in this nation.  God loves America because He can find some of the purest believers in the world here.  It is not always places where extreme suffering is found that pinpoint the most devout believers; it is the places where wealth and freedom are found.  It is harder for many to rely on God in abundance and much easier for them in suffering.

America is beautiful because we can use the blessings we have to glorify God.  Yes many have turned them into idols and live for themselves, but many are standing up to reveal their love for God with the freedom they possess.  They understand love and honor, which the founding fathers of this nation understood.  When this love and honor is used with passion to love others in our nation, it unlocks the storehouses of blessing that was poured out from before the beginning of the declaration, “One Nation Under God.”

As long as 2 or 3 people gather in this nation in the name of God and “Under God”, the nation will be under God no matter what parts of it seem not to be.  America is beautiful, and to curse her is to curse the life right out of the momentum of God’s heart for her and the people who are fighting for her proper freedom.  If you believe it is too far gone, then it is too far gone for you, but it is not too far gone for an all-powerful God who is empowering His people to expand His kingdom in this nation.  Unbelief has no right to speak in the name of God, but then again in this country it does and that is what makes this place so inviting to know where your treasure is.  America is beautiful and God has shed His grace on thee.

“O beautiful for heroes proved

In liberating strife.

Who more than self their country loved
And mercy more than life!
America! America!
May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness
And every gain divine!”

God Bless America till all success be nobleness,



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