This Book Can Save Christians (Book review)

This is a review of Gabe Lyons book, “The Next Christians:  Seven Ways You Can Live The Gospel and Restore the world”

This book by Gabe Lyons is an immediate answer for many types of Christians who need to understand their calling in life with God’s desire to restore the world. Gabe presents the “other half” of the Gospel that has been easily missed by many in the Church, which has resulted in its impact being missed in the world. This fuller understanding of the Gospel brings the responsibility of Jesus’ words to work in restoring the earth until it looks like heaven.  This book can free others to be a part of God’s restoration process in our world today.

Gabe does a great job explaining the different sections of fractured Christian communities, from those who withdraw from culture, to those who are shaped by culture, to those who restore it.  He ultimately lays the foundation for the “Next Christians”, who he also calls “Restorers.”  Restorers are recovering the integrity of the term “Christian” by their lifestyle and words.  They restore the integrity that has been lost by “Christians” who do little to nothing to restore the earth, while criticizing and judging the culture.  Gabe shows how these “Next Christians” think and live differently, as they work to restore culture and the lives of others. These Restorers don’t just talk of the world’s problems; they seek and find answers.

In my title I said that this book could save Christians.  “Salvation”, in the Greek means saved, healed and delivered.  This book can give Christians understanding that will “save” them from their miss-guided understanding of God’s will and heart for the earth and its people.  It can “heal” Christians from all the self-inflicted wounds created by their judgment and criticism of world, while leading them to understand how to create and transform culture.  Lastly, this book can deliver people from the hopeless lies that they are unworthy or unable to transform the world with God.

In closing, this book does a great job of giving the reader real life examples of Restorers, while giving simple tips on how these Next Christians stay grounded in Christ.  I highly recommend this book to help others understand exactly what God is doing in our day which also invites you to be a part of this larger story. May our cities continue to be transformed by the restorers of the earth, which are becoming leaders of culture, not followers.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review as part of the Blogging for Books program.

You can read and excerpt for this book by copying and pasting the link below.


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