Why Ron Paul is like Jesus

It has been interesting to hear of how the media tries to ignore Ron Paul’s influence with the people of this nation.  It is another thing to see it plainly before my eyes.  I began to ponder the significance of his influence in parallels to Jesus.  The media is clearly trying to prey on people’s minds, by planting seeds of doubt about Ron Paul.  They have an issue with a man who is so heavily favored by the American People.  This does not surprise me since people with agenda’s fund much of the media.   But this scenario reminds me of how the Pharisee’s treated Jesus.

The Pharisees tried to silence Jesus’ teachings.  They did not want him to preach in their synagogue because people began to see his great wisdom and authority on the things of which he spoke.  This contradicted the beliefs of the Pharisees and they tried to silence him.  They cried, “Blasphemy” and accused Jesus of being radical and not adhering to the tradition of their fathers.  The problem was that the Pharisees were actually the ones who were not adhering to the tradition of their founding fathers.  Media today portrays Ron Paul as “dangerous” but in reality, he is the closest thing to the heart of our founding fathers.  The media Pharisees strike tirelessly to discredit Ron Paul and to label him a nut, just as the religious Pharisees did to Jesus.  They try to silence his influence so he will not influence the people.

Judas was paid off to defame Jesus and bring an accusation that the public would find true.  They wanted to kill Jesus.  The media and political giants of our day have tried to defame Ron Paul by making accusations that they hope the public would find true, even if they were not.  When there is the exchange of money behind the scenes of the empires built on greed, you will find the integrity of many being tarnished for worldly gain, including those who can be bought off.  Ron Paul cannot be bought.

The Pharisees and those under their influence who rejected Jesus were in for a rude awakening when their temple was later destroyed.   This was the very thing that Jesus has prophesied about years earlier.  Ron Raul has predicted or prophesied, much of the meltdown of our economy, government and nation long before it happened.  Now is our opportunity to rebuild the walls of our cities and not circum to the destruction of our nation, while waiting and praying another many years for a righteous man of principle to be elected as President.  We can put a man of principle in his rightful place on the throne now.  I believe Ron Paul is that man.   A man who will not control, manipulate or deceive people, but a man who will give them their freedom.  This is the same way Jesus rules from His throne.  He does not control, manipulate or deceive and wants to give people their freedom.

Ron Paul is like Jesus in many ways.  Here are Ron Paul’s own words.  “I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, and I endeavor every day to follow Him in all I do and in every position I advocate.”  This is why I think Ron Paul’s ideas are so freeing and true… because He wants to be like Jesus.

In God we trust,



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