Go and Do: Daring To Change the World One Story At A Time (Book Review)


Book review:

This book was refreshing for many reasons.  1.  It reveals true-life accounts of people finding the courage to start living their heroic purpose.  2.  It reveals simple steps to help others go and live those heroic purposes 3.  It clearly reveals that anyone, no matter what profession or social status, can take the steps necessary to be a world changer.  4.  It gives people permission to dream, which makes all the above possible.

This book gives people permission to see what can be done when we simply find our passion and use it with God to show up to the places that need it.  Jay reminds us that sometimes we need to worry less about what we are going to do and be more concerned with simply showing up.  This is a great key to experience a life that is full of adventure and trust in a God that is sometimes bigger then our understanding.  This book points out that call to live this life full of risk, adventure and wonder, while seeking to better the world.  As Jay also says, “We are called to tell great stories with our lives -the kinds of stories that Jesus wants us to tell.”  Yes, this takes Courage, but this book shows us how risk leads us to experience the fulfillment of a life lived beyond the lies of fear, comfort and discouragement.  He not only dares us to go and do, but ultimately to become, which is a truly balanced and powerful message.

This book is an exciting read following the true-life accounts of people living out the greatest adventure in the world, following God.  As Jay points out, when we stop living for the expectations of others and live solely for the expectations of our dreams with God, our life can be positioned with a perfect balance and focus, that keeps us moving forward.  We will then move forward in loving and changing the parts of the world we are called to and we will build a joyous legacy for future generations.  Thanks Jay for an awesome resource that invites us to freely embrace our individual calling with God, thus embracing the risk that leads us to live out this awfully big adventure.

PS…The ending of this book is a great example of what risk accomplishes.  Read it to find out more!

Tyndale House has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes. I am always free to write my honest opinion of the books I receive.

You can preview the book by clicking through or copying and pasting the link below to your web browser.



2 thoughts on “Go and Do: Daring To Change the World One Story At A Time (Book Review)

  1. Dear Preston,
    Thank you for reviewing Go and Do. I appreciate your kind words about the book and your fantastic summary. We have something else in common: the northern plains. I see that you are from North Dakota. I few up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota–and I was just there last week. Being from the Dakotas, I’m reminded that we have some deep needs in our part of the world that must not be ignored. I’m trying to put together a trip to Pine Ridge India Reservation in SD this summer, which I understand is the poorest place in the U.S. We don’t have to travel very far.
    Thank you again,

    1. So nice to see your reply. I went to school at the University of Sioux Falls for a little while. I would love to hear more of your plans for the reservation trip to SD, as it may be an opportunity for some of us in the area to go and do. Thanks again for your excellent book.

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