Walk The Line

We often think a cute 1-line revelation is all we need to understand a matter.  But you would then fail to realize the importance of walking that line year after year until that revelation became a true substance in your life.  As Johnny Cash made famous in his song, “I walk the line”, we are to walk the line of understanding that is the result of cultivating our hearts to actualize and manifest the understanding of a given revelation.  We need to continually make choices and steps to see that understanding in action, whether it fails or succeeds.

Drunk people are asked to walk the line to see if they can pass a sobriety test.  If they cannot remain in a straight line, they are assumed to be intoxicated. Some people in life cannot walk the line of destiny because they are intoxicated on the accumulation of information.  They thought 1 or 2 drinks would be nice, but then they see the thousands of bartenders lining up every day with free drinks if only for their attention.  These free drinks end up costing a lot more than people realize and they waste precious time.

Once intoxicated, people begin to slowly close their eyes and their unmonitored hearts get pumped full of both excellent and meaningless information.  An unguarded heart is laid wide open to be filled with wasted time and attention.  But if we learn to walk the line, with time, true understanding manifests the power of a genuine substance that becomes a part of our being.  Opened eyes and properly guarded hearts unlock the path of freedom.  When your eyes are open and you walk the line, information moves to revelation, which should lead to transformation.  Here you begin to see what you were born to do and what information is or isn’t worth your time.  But to walk the line, we must know whose we are.

We must keep a close watch on our hearts and cultivate the substance of Life that continually grows stronger each day.  Yet it is only when we know the One from where this substance comes from that we can walk the line to greater transformation.  This positions us for the true manifestation of understanding.  We can walk the line, when we know Jesus is ours.  Our eyes will be wide open and our hearts burning, as we steward His voice and as it has been likened to the wind, we can listen to it from wherever it blows.  Because if it is not his wind we are listening to coming out of his mouth, we will be tossed to and fro by the winds of reason.  We will then serve the bartenders of information instead of the King of revelation.

Johnny Cash was not referring to what I am referring to, but we can see how his words can teach us in the context of what I have said.

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time
I keep the ends out for the tie that binds
Because you’re mine, I walk the line

Did you feel the wind of His breathe?  Walk the line.



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