Learning How to Hear

You cannot always control what you hear, but you can control how you hear.  When it comes to understanding the way things really are, one must have a relationship with God who knows the way things really are.  We should all know that appearances can be deceiving.  We know that people can twist anything to make a person or an idea look bad or good, even when the substance of that thing may be the opposite.  Of course, it may also be true.

If we filter what we hear or see through the eyes of our own understanding we will filter what we understand through our own experiences and bias.  Of course, if you have experiences and bias based on a relationship with God, it may benefit you, but if not the benefits are often nonexistent.  If we have understanding that is not filtered through God, we would do well to humbly present ourselves before Him to learn how to hear correctly.

A great example of this is Scripture.  People who have been taught false understanding from Scripture can read it and feel justified in their beliefs at what they are seeing.  In my journey of studying Scriptures I have brought to it an understanding given to me from Bible teachers of all types.  Through the years I have realized that some of the things I picked up from them are not true.  It was wrong understanding of what I was seeing before me.  We need to understand how to filter things through Holy Spirit who will guide us into all truth and not those who try to teach the truth through unfiltered imaginations.

If we filter things through God we can have a pure filter that brings genuine understanding.  This is where humility is key because we must expect to learn something new.  If we never expect to learn something new, we can safely say we have arrived on the pedestal of arrogance with no need for God to teach us anything.  But if we submit our lives to be filtered through God while we expect to understand new things, we will continue to grow in the true knowledge of God.  Understanding God gives us clarity into how things are and how they should be.

Recently I had some bad filters removed from my being that God has replaced with His filter.  Every time my filters get upgraded I experience the joy of His presence that exists inside of true freedom.  The truth is what sets you free.  If we set our face to know God and understand things from His perspective we will eventually come to know the truth.  If not, we will stay in a desert of circular reasoning that only seeks to justify what we already know.  Those who live in this desert will often fight the truth in the name of truth because they are not open to knowing more of God then what they already know… yet the door to the promise land remains.  This further reveals our need and hopefully our want to see things through His eyes.

Scripture itself makes clear of what happens when you reject His sight for your own?  You become wise in your own eyes, your ears get plugged and you become dumb in understanding.  Jesus came to set people free from deaf and dumb spirits.  When we allow the truth to set us free we begin to see things with His eyes.  Through His eyes come purely filtered wisdom, discernment and understanding that has no limits to His goodness.

Look into His eyes and listen.



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