New Year’s Revolution: How to Sustain Resolutions

Thousands of people make New Year’s resolutions every year to change their life and world.  There is truly a spirit of breakthrough available around this time year because the culture has created an understanding of starting fresh and accomplishing old or new goals.  This reveals the power of culture to create moments of breakthrough to serve others in accomplishing their goals.

One thing that can happen around a culture of breakthrough is disappointment.  This comes from past failures to maintain those promises made to ourselves around that last week in December or any promise we have ever failed to meet.  But I am here to encourage you and others to create a culture of breakthrough year round.  We need tools to sustain our goals so we can see the proper transformation take place.  Here are 3 keys to victory.


  1.  Make God your 1st priority.  When you commit your life and works to the God, He will establish your plan and you will see and abide in success.  (Proverbs 16:3)
  2. Write your vision and goals down and put them in a place where you can see them every day.  When we see our vision in front of our eyes we make sure our goals are near the front of our minds, which means their priority is going to receive the adequate energy to stay the course.  I highly recommend creating a vision board to help you with this.  Be as creative or as practical as you want to.  (Also, because your 1st priority is God, you will only feel encouragement at the goals before your eyes.  If He is not of 1st priority it is easy to get discouraged because the source of life Himself is not allowed to encourage you with His energy to maintain your goals.  He wants you to succeed more than you do.)
  3. Help others get vision for their lives.  One of the great secrets of life, (which is still a secret because many have not understood it) is to serve others.  When we serve others we are fulfilling a necessary pleasure and requirement for being human.  We were all designed to love and serve others.  Those who understand this know that serving others brings great contentment to your soul and gives you more energy to accomplish your own goals.  (Of course we should serve with the energy of God because again, if He is not 1st, you may get burnt out serving with your own energy instead of His.  You should now see how important the 1st priority is as the foundation for everything else.)

These 3 simple steps will help you transform your life and joyfully meet your goals.  These keys will also position you to continually experience increase in all areas of your life and the life of others.  So here is a toast to a New Year’s Revolution that sustains vision, serves the world and does so by loving the God who made it all possible.  Remember, He wants you to succeed more than you do, so let Him have some say in our life!

Happy New Lives,



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