Can You Dig It?

Recently I was engaged in a discussion about glorifying God.  I was trying to help some understand the reality of how God is glorified by our works.  This is plainly taught in Scripture but is best understood in the light of a relationship with God.  Some of the main ways people glorify God is through the actions or character of His children.  In fact,  two of the main ways God is glorified are through worship and good works.  Both come through a relationship with Him and both are a response to His glory.

I was on my way home from work on the same day this discussion took place and I saw a car that was stuck in a snow bank outside of my home.  I figured I would help but they seemed close to getting free.  A few minutes later I saw from my window that they were not making progress, so I grabbed some boots and went to the garage for a shovel.

What you should know is that immediately when I was first pulling into my driveway from work, a song came out of Heaven (Not nowhere) and started playing loudly in my head.  The chorus rang, “They will know we are Christians by our love.”  I figured I would eventually be helping this stuck car upon hearing this song.  Indeed, that was the exact reason God played me this tune and turned up the volume.

The next day I told my wife this story only I intentionally lied about the details.  I told her of how I came home and saw this person stuck in the snow.  I went over to her car window and said, “Looks like you’re stuck.”  She said, “Yes I have been trying to get out for a ½ hour!”  I said, “Well I just wanted you to know that Jesus loves you and have a great night.”  I then walked away.  My wife looked at me like, “What!  Why didn’t you help her?”  I said, “Because she just needed to know that Jesus loved her.”  After her look of disbelief, I told her that this is not what actually happened and proceeded to tell her about how I grabbed a shovel, dug her out and set her free.  I also got a good workout in the process!

Do you see the picture of love presented in this experience?  What would the gal have thought had I not helped her, yet I told her Jesus loved her?  She would not give glory to God and would probably hate my false Jesus.  It is important we understand the nature of our Father and that we have access to it.  The same glory He gave to Jesus has been given to us!  So the next time someone is stuck in life and they will receive your help, will you reveal His glory to them?

I went to bed that night thanking God for the opportunity to let my light shine before men.  I was happy that His glory  was put on display.  Whether we heal the sick or help a stranger out of a snow bank, we are glorifying God by our works done in love.  Remember that not everyone will let you serve them but we must listen for the Fathers voice so that when He prompts us to act or speak, we gladly do so.  It is good to remember that Jesus only did what He saw His Father doing and glorified Him by his works.  He is glorified when we do the same because all glory first originates in the Father and in what He is doing.

I will come to a close with an “On your way home from work in North Dakota at 2 A.M. Translation” of Matthew 25:35-40 .

I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was stuck in a snow bank and you dug me out. Then the righteous will answer, “Lord when did we ever see you stuck in snow bank.”  The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’

We give glory to God by being fully alive to serve.  You can help dig people out of troubled circumstances.  Remember when my wife looked at me with disbelief because of my fable?  We have the opportunity for others to look at us in faith because of our works.  Yet we know that they are actually getting to look at Him.  Can you dig it?



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