God is Competitive

God is not cruel.  God is competitive.  In multiple ways He will push you to your limits until you have none. This is love.  Love calls you to be who you can be.  Love calls you to be who you should be.  God is love.  Love is movement.  Love compels.  Love orchestrates the symphony to play and play until the tune is precise.  You will be tuned.  You will make music.  It is simply a matter of how much you partner with Love that determines the outcome of what you are.

God is competitive.  He will compete with everything in your life that replaces who you are.  He competes.  He coaches.   He loves.  He drives you to be the best, unless you ask Him not to.  But what you must realize is that you often ask Him to push you over and over again.  Your silent prayers.  Your complaining.  Your discontentment.   Your struggle to understand.  These are all the prayers that drive the competitive God to fight for you.

If you can get this one thing, get this.  God loves you.  He fights for you, not against you.  If you understand this you will begin to understand that many circumstances in your life are there to tune you.  To refine you.  To make you the overcomer God says you are.

God is competitive and so are you.  You are more than a conqueror.   Go conquer until the race is finished.  Then get ready for the next one.



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