The (he)Art of Learning

We are learners by nature.  We are destined to know many things.  It is a matter of knowing the right things or not that help us to become the people we are meant to be.  We are all learners but we should all be aware that we are all givers.  We give away what we learn in one form or a thousand.  Again, hopefully what we learn and give away will have true value to better people’s lives with integrity and wholeness.

I love to learn with people.  Learning with others who are committed to learning what you desire brings benefits like,

Encouragement  Accountability  Understanding  Perspective  Unity   Momentum  Stability

But sometimes we have to learn these things on our own, especially when others are not ready to go where we are going.  Sometimes it is our God given purpose to learn these things for them, even in spite of them at the time.  We essentially learn to help others learn.  We are servants of knowledge.

We learn for the reason of bringing wholeness to our lives and the lives of others.  This heart of learning should never change.  If we withhold the information from others because we are hurt or bitter towards those who did not value what we were learning, we become the exact opposite of what we originally envisioned our learning to be.   We would then be a prime example of that which people should not learn.  Learning is designed to better create, live in and understand our world.

We also should not withhold information when it is not widely accepted because the resistance is often what strengthens a truth for when it is finally realized as a whole.  Resistance is why we must love a learned truth above people’s misunderstanding of it, so we can still honor people in spite of their rejection, which enables us to not become a part of their rejection.   When learners pay more attention to the rejection of something learnt, it can lessen the power of the truth in their lives instead of strengthening it.  An easy way to overcome this is to live in the power of learning for people you may never see, namely future generations.

We must freely give what we have freely received with a thankful heart because then we are fully alive to the power of learning.  We are whole ourselves.  One of the great benefits of learning is giving away that which you put your energy into to knowing.  What you (l)earned in sacrifice and give away for free will empower someone to come to your level of understanding or even a greater level with little to (k)no(w) sacrifice.  When we are thankful, we can understand how the power of learning has already provided for us in the day we live.  This should excite you.  In fact, if someone goes beyond what you currently understand, you should be even more overjoyed because the power of learning has just invited you to know and experience more.  That is the (he)art of learning.  It is the heart serving God and the world.


PS….We never actually learn on our own, even though it may feel that way sometimes.


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