Toilet Transformation

The toilet can be a place of transformation.  When you sit down to get rid of your crap, you should also take the time to remove any crap from your mind or emotions.  Flush it down the toilet with the rest of the waste.  The toilet can be your new seat of victory.

Bathrooms and restrooms are often a place where people take a “pee break” or whereas the name “restroom” suggests, a place you can rest.  When I am relieving myself in a restroom with a pee, others often come after me and join in the reliving process.  Many times people let out a deep sigh or breath as they relieve themselves.  Often this sigh is a social suggestion of someone taking a break from their day rather than the actual relieving process, but maybe they really had to pee.

I am sure you have often heard people let out these deep sighs yourself.  I am also sure you have heard people let out other deep sounds.  What does all this have to do with you again?  Whenever you are in a restroom and getting rid of the waste in your life, make sure you get rid of all of it.  The thoughts, emotions, doubts and other waste that prevents you from living relieved.  Be at rest in any room.


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