Are You Listening?

We were made to hear the voice of God.  God is always communicating to us, even when He is silent.  People have often not known how to listen to His voice for a variety of reasons but God continues to speak in a variety of ways.  One of the ways He speaks is through others.

I have seen people miss the voice of God because of their judgments of the one who God is speaking through.  Often the voice of God goes unheard because it comes through people who are judged as unworthy or immature or as having some sort of disposition that would cause people to question what they say.  God will even speak through “unhealthy” people, not in “everything” they say, but in some of the things they say.  As we learn to listen for Him, we can pick up on what is true and what is not in every person.  The point is… if we judge people wrongly, we may fail to hear God rightly through them.

This issue usually comes from a lack of love and appreciation for others who live and think differently from ourselves.  When people go unappreciated, the voice of God usually goes unheard.  Ultimately it is simply a lack of love and humility.  The point to remember is that we can listen for the voice of God in others without judging the appearance.  When this is done, God will often make His appearance through non-judgmental hearts that honor all people.

So, one of the greatest ways to listen is to love others no matter where you think they (or even you) are at.  Some of the most powerful words are hidden and uncovered in those people who are judged as unclean, immature or different (or whatever label is given).  Love enables us to hear.  Love also helps us to strengthen the word of God in others, especially if they are indeed immature or simply in need of encouragement.  We then become a part of the restoration process to expand the words of God in the earth through all people.  Our main focus is to love God and love others by valuing them along with any truth that comes through their lives.  There is always truth in someone who is breathing.

In closing, it is simply our responsibility and privilege to communicate with God.  This is done best by listening to His voice in whatever form it comes but it can often come through others.  The power to receive and steward His words are strengthened when we value and love all people like He does.  We are then free to always listen for His voice.  His words will never return void in those who listen for His word, find it and receive it by loving every person through which it is spoken.

Are you listening?


*Hearing God through others should be based on the foundation of having developed a personal history of hearing God for yourself, as in, Him speaking directly to you and you assimilating the ways He speaks, while communicating back to Him in a genuine relationship.  If this is not developed people can become addicted to others having a relationship with God for them, instead of knowing God for themselves.  Lastly, be aware of any spiritual community that elevates leaders to “know it all’s” for the people, instead of leaders elevating people to know God for themselves.  You will understand healthy leaders by how they fail to create cultures that make you dependent upon them.


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