Training & Deployment of War Horses

I am going to launch off of Randall Worley’s recent post that inspired me to search this out even more.  Please read his blog first before reading mine.  Here is his link

Under a Wikipedia search of “War Horse”, which will automatically sort to “Horses in Warfare” (, there is a section called, “Training and Deployment.”  It is from those points I write the following keys in a prophetic manner.  As you should know by now, symbolically speaking, War Horses are the people of God.

  1. The natural instinct of man apart from Christ is fear, which causes people to flee from being victorious. Christ leads us in victory as our natural instinct in Him is to charge into battle, remain on the frontlines and never retreat. It is here where victory is sustained because we are enveloped in perfect love that casts out all fear. Our rider is Love and it is His weight upon our back that guides us into every victory.  His burden upon us is easy and light.
  2. As fearlessness abounds in Love, sudden or unusual movements do not faze those now equipped for battle. They respond instead of react as they know the power of the One who rides upon their back. They know when to utilize the weapons of warfare and when to avoid them. They wait for the Rider to give the signal in every situation.
  3. War horses are trained in freedom with minimal use of control. The reigns are let loose for the full empowerment of the horse’s strength to be utilized.  It is in cultures of freedom and empowerment where people are free to respond primarily to Jesus’ every move and guiding pressure upon their lives.  Control is minimal and is only guided by God’s hands upon the reigns.
  4. War horses understand the reality of balance depending upon the clothing or armor that the Rider wears. Balance and agility are necessary to properly handle the types of clothing or armor used. Our Rider can be clothed in multiple ways and war horses understand how to move with each and every way God moves.  These war horses are obedient and maneuverable as they move with the various weights of the Rider and His armor.
  5. War Horses are trained to work together with other war horses because it is only under the chaotic conditions of battle that true unity is understood.  It is easy to have unity when everything is calm; it is in chaos where true unity and faithfulness to the Rider and His army is clearly seen.  It is this unity of obedience and maneuverability that leads all his armies to victory.

War Horses are being trained and deployed all over the world.  They are continually moving from the training centers of empowerment to the front lines of victory.  If you need help finding a training and deployment center, I can try to help find one closest to you.  If not, let the Rider Himself saddle up and He will guide you.  But be a War Horse.  Work together with fellow horses.  Our Leader will guide you where you need to go.

If you are one who is faithful till the end, you will ride into the sunset with the conquering King and your reigns will be loosed with the Rider whose reign is supreme over all the earth.

Mount up!



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