Throne of Courage

Around 2 years ago Bethany and our newly born son Courage traveled to Boulder Colorado with our friends to attend a conference.  Ray Hughes was speaking at the conference and as always, Ray was brilliant with his revelation on worship and sound.  At the end of a session we chatted briefly with Ray and he proceeded to pray over our son Courage.  He grabbed his heal prophesying simple but profound words of impartation that blessed us greatly.  We view Ray as a father in the faith to so many and a pioneer in worship.

Recently the Lord has been making it clear in our community that He is inviting us to a new level of praise and worship. Since Ray has brilliant revelation on worship, I proceeded to look through one of his books this morning. As I read the preface of his book, I encountered Ray’s words that fit brilliantly with the invitation the Lord is giving us. As Ray highlights below, this is an hour where Courage is needed for us to go to the places we long to go in worship. Here are Ray’s words:

“Let’s determine to be as courageous and radical as David and Gideon and Joshua and countless others in scripture and history. Their kind of courage is necessary for the time in which we’re living. While, great feats have been accomplished through bravery and inspiration, even greater feats can be accomplished through boldness and impartation accompanied with obedience.  Let’s boldly go before the throne for an impartation of grace.”

This is an invitation to come boldly before the throne. As our family traveled to “Boulder” with our son “Courage”, may we all travel to God’s throne and become “bolder” in our worship and praise of the King. Nothing else matters to a burning heart but to worship because everything that matters comes from the place of worship. Our King is a Lion on His throne and is worthy of a new level of praise.

Directly after reading Ray’s words this morning at work (I work for a health company) a lady ordered a supplement called “Lion’s Mane.”  The main thing continues to be the worship of the Lion King in roaring passion. The Lion in you is invited to do the same. May you now come bolder before the throne in the enCOURAGEment of these words.

In the freedom of a burning heart,



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