Stay Tuned

“Stay tuned” is more than an invitation to something that is coming.  It is a command for the perfect tension of your heart strings to always stay tuned.  You will be out of tune if your heart is caught off guard and not ready to sing or tell of His praises.  It is why we are told to guard our heart, the seat of our emotions, above all else.  We are to be prepared in season and out of season, which means there are no seasons where the heart cannot sow and reap in the goodness of God.  It means the sun no longer dictates our growth because the Son is set in our hearts and He never goes down.  He continually shines the light of His face on our countenance as we continually lift Him high in the sky of our heart.  Tuned and burning, our hearts are continually singing.

We were created to worship God with a burning heart.  It is the foundation of our existence and when we are positioned here, we are in position to live life to the fullest.  It is why people are out of tune when their spouse, their job, their image, their riches, their poverty, their issues, their finances, their whatever becomes a more important thought than the One who sits on the throne.  It is why it is reasoned that Satan was a worship leader who chose to fall when he left the tune that holds the world together and tried to play his own tune that led to a fallen world.  A world that is now only made whole through the voluntary worship of God’s creation that lifts God high though the Son who died to restore it.  It lifts God into His rightful place in the heart of man; the place of the burning heart.

There is a new song coming.  A song that is within the hearts of the worshippers who know nothing else but the passion of their beautiful King.  The bells are ringing; calling all young and old to their innocence.  Pure hearts that have been washed clean by the blood of the Lamb, who will never stop singing His words.  These are the restorers of the world that bring everlasting change.  Change that lasts in every season because there is no season where the light of His face will not shine.  True worshippers bear fruit in every season and it is time for more of them to come forth.

Be one of the many who are planted by the Rivers of His Song that flow from the heart.  Stay tuned to the sound that is within a burning heart and you will also hear the coming sound.  If U are out of tune, the Tuning Fork is prepared to strike your heart for recalibration.  The vibrations and frequencies of His love will cause you to live, move and have your being.

Stay tuned for a time is coming and is now here.



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