War & Peace: The Tale of 2 Fathers.

In the tale of 2 Fathers one is known as the father of lies and other is known as the Father of Light.  One is a murderer and one is a lover.  One seeks to kill and destroy its enemies by death, while the other seeks to love his enemies unto death.

War is a result of the father of lies. Peace is a result of the Father of light.  The distinction of which father people are influenced by can be clearly seen in the fruit of how people respond to war or terrorism.  Do they promote more terrorism and war by calling for the death of their enemies and thus echoing the father of lies desire to murder in the name of peace and safety?  OR do they echo the Father of light who seeks to love His enemies unto death?

One trusts in the power of the sword the other trusts in the power of love.  God is love.

One way is the Jesus way.  The other is a satanic way wrapped up in a language that tries to justify the use of violence as somehow being endorsed by Jesus.

One time Jesus was explaining this to some Jews and was amazed that they did not understand what he was saying.  But he knew they could not understand because they would not listen to his words. (John 8: 37, 43)  At the root of their heart they desired the way of the father of lies.  The way that had deceived them into thinking God was on their side and they were righteous and right in their beliefs.

At the end of Jesus’ conversation with the Jews after all the back and forth words of Jesus speaking truth and the Jews defense of lies in the name of truth, the truth came full circle.  The Jews picked up stones to throw at Jesus (John 8:59). Their foundation for violence that they tried to defend in the name of God was manifested.  But the Prince of Peace passed through their midst with no retaliation to their intent to harm him.

Jesus’ example continues to invite us into the way of the Kingdom of God.  A way that does not listen to those who say God endorses war and violence in the name of protection and righteousness.  A way that listens to the voice of love that is willing to love our enemies unto death.  Jesus invites us to pass through the midst of those who live from the father of lies and to remain on the path of peace.  This can be best understood in times of tension (like when there is war or terrorism) when what we truly believe manifests.  In fact, Jesus told his own generation they would hear of wars and rumors of wars and when they saw their city surrounded by armies they were to flee (Luke 21:20-21).  He did not teach them to fight because his kingdom was not about violence (John 18:36).

Directly after this conversation with the Jews in John 8, Jesus heals a blind man. So after Jesus exposes the way of violence, thus the father of lies, He demonstrates the way of healing in the Father of Light.

Are we blind to the way of peace?  If so, Jesus is still wanting to heal our eyes so we can see with the eyes of Love.  Love that heals those who want to be healed and Love that loves its enemies unto death.

And maybe this is why Jesus said that so few would enter the Kingdom of God in His generation?  Maybe at the core some are more influenced by the father of lies while trying to appear as one who is under God, instead of actually being influenced by the Father of Love who remains in love at all costs.  Even at the cost of His own Son’s death.

Love covers a multitude of sins.  Lies pretend to do so but at some point will endorse the sword and thus reject the way of love, in the name of love and protection.  When the tension actually manifests what we believe, will we find Love is our foundation or will we find lies?  This then leads us to know if we are truly a people under our Father God or a people under the influence of a father who wants to be God but is nothing but a liar and a deceiver in the name of truth. He cries peace and safety with the use of the sword, whereas our Father of love cries peace and safety in the reality of love.  Love is the way of life that brings peace in the midst of violence.





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