Beautiful Mansions

Imagine you are looking at a beautiful mansion.  It towers into the sky and sings of beauty as workers constantly labor to maintain the outside.  Much time and money is poured into maintaining the  appearance of this mansion so that people can admire its beauty on the outside.

But when you open the doors on the inside, you are appalled as you see the inside is full of dirt, rust and cobwebs.  There is no heat for winter and no air for summer and no lights to light the rooms.  It is miserable to live there.  On days where the temperature is nice it is bearable to be inside but those who stay there always long for something more.  Those who know the owners of the mansion but have never been inside constantly comment on how amazing and beautiful the mansion looks.  They are amazed at the constant upkeep on its looks as it seems to function so well.  But the owners never invite these beautiful commentators inside because they are afraid of what they would find.

The owners of the mansion have placed a greater value on the appearance of their life and not the depths of who they were designed to be.  The world loves and honors them but they know that honor is really a misunderstood value for what is seen.  This mansion speaks to the reality of peoples lives who love to look good but never open up their life to be whole on the inside.  And when someone finds a way into their lives, they become appalled and ashamed at what they see.  They may even get enraged that people made it inside because they think they didn’t invite them and so they yell at them for trespassing even though their own intentions invited them in from the way they displayed themselves on the outside.

True Beauty is on the inside.  It is becoming whole inside so that the outside matches what is really going on inside.  You should also know that the outside does not always appear to be beautiful to those who do not have eyes to see.  Their under appreciation for the real beauties in life often causes them to miss the beauty in front of them that is inside of the very people or things they ignore.  Beauty is found in the safety of those who have true beauty and work with others to find it as well.

Promote Beauty on the inside.  Beauty that lasts because it stems from the eternal appreciation of the endless beauty of life and love.  It is this beauty that shines through the deepest darkness and it is this beauty that invites people to come inside the beautiful mansions of our hearts to warm up in the winter and be refreshed in the summer.  It is this beauty that comes from knowing the King of Beauty who adorns us with the priciest jewels and asks us to buy gold refined by fire.  He makes us beautiful on the inside with His love that is priceless.

When the King of Beauty is allowed to get on the inside of your life, beauty starts to permeate all the finer things in life that money can never buy.  It permeates the natural reality that exists before someone ever created a system of work that needed to pay the bills.  It takes you back to the garden where you work for free and you are provided for as the beauty of life flows from the center of the garden and the sustaining cycle of Love provides your every want and need.  Beauty truly is what saves the world.  When we go back to the garden we move forward in the beautification of the world.

You have a garden on the inside.  Tend to it.  Let the Gardner Himself show you how to grow the plants and fruits that sustains your life and gives life to others.  To only cater to the outside deceives ourselves and others into wasting their time with false-advertising that delivers no substance.  Beauty on the inside is the substance that changes the world.



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