From Unbelief to Faith

It is clear that unbelief actually stops the flow of God’s power on the earth.  Unbelief in a certain town actually prevented Jesus from doing miracles.  This makes sense to why much of Heaven remains untapped upon the earth today.  Unbelief is the greatest detriment to people’s lives, yet so few want to be told they don’t have enough faith.   It is not as if being told you don’t have enough faith is a bad thing.  When you think it is a bad thing you get a double whammy of powerlessness.  #1 you feel threatened or condemned and so you run from the very truth that could set you on course to grow in faith.  #2 the fact remains you need to grow in faith and to be discouraged blocks you from the courage needed to persevere to grab a hold of faith.  The responsibility to grow in faith is not something to run from, it is something to run towards.

God is clearly looking for people of faith.  He is not condemning people for not having it and He is always looking to help people get it.  When you realize the truth that you do not have enough faith for certain things, it can be that very truth that sets you free to discover how to grow in the faith needed to apprehend those same things.  This also prevents you from making embarrassing conclusions that because things don’t happen it isn’t Gods will.  How arrogant could we get!?

Jesus consistently told His disciples they had little faith and that was why they were powerless in certain areas of life.  Obviously Jesus loved them and guided them into greater faith.  We must be honest with the measure of faith we have so we can then be responsible to actually grow it with God to greater levels.  When we are honest, we are in position to actually grow, instead of being prideful in a way that tries to cover up our shortcomings or lack of faith.  Let God cover up your shortcomings by overshadowing you with His life.  His life then grows your faith because He is the author and finisher of any faith you want to grow in.  Without letting Him overshadow you, you will not grow in faith and you will also dislike those who have faith and you will not want to hear about any sort of lack of faith and any demonstrations of faith you will tend to minimize.  Spending quality time with God is how He overshadows you and thus is the main way you grow in faith.

Maturity comes when we can accept where we are, while not wavering in whose we are (God’s kids!), so we can grow in our faith from a place of security in God’s love.  We can then rightfully handle the truth of where we are so we can rightfully grow into where we should be.  Faith then is something we should have fun going after and growing in, instead of something we run from.   The Author of Faith awaits each day to write His truth upon your heart so that a life of faith flows through your life.  Without faith it is impossible to see or even value the possibilities of Heaven coming on earth.  Faith is important and you were designed to be full of it.

I leave you with 3 keys.

  1. Spend time with God.  He is full of faith and if you hang around Him, you become like Him.
  2. Spend time with people full of faith.  They are full of faith and who you hang around, you become like and faith filled people build momentum in your life.
  3. Limit your exposure to people who lack faith and have no desire to grow in faith.  This is something to be aware of as people who lack faith without the desire to grow, tend to impart excuses (human reasoning) why faith is lacking and they do so in a manner that can cause unguarded people to slide into unbelieving tendencies. That and or they just are too lazy to care either way and so they impart an indifference to God and His ways.

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