Power Beyond Reason

How do you remove the veil over unbelievers as well as those veils that remain over believers?

Here is one key that can help remove these veils that keep people from knowing by experience the power and ways of God.

First, you have to understand the using of logic or reasoning is not always helpful because the logic and reasoning of others is filtered through their accumulation of thoughts and beliefs that they already hold on to. For example, I could share a truth from Scripture that is absolutely true but they would reject or minimize it because they simply cannot see the full light of the truth based on their filter that blinds them from seeing the truth. A stronghold is often in a form of their calculated reasoning, logic or accumulated “wisdom” they have arrived at that prevents them from embracing a “new” (new to them) concept that would transform their life for the better. So using logic against logic is often not a helpful way because using logic only strengthens the resistance to that which is trying to be revealed. Throw pride in there, which is usually the case, and you have a double walled fortress that keeps truth out (and often if you are a believer with a veil you reject it in the name of thinking you already know the truth!).

So we need a weapon to destroy these strongholds that actually carries the power to destroy them. What is one of these weapons? It is the focused prayer strategy that is given to us from God to directly loosen the strongholds grip on another. Prayer that actually originates in heaven gives us the power to release heaven onto the earth, hence onto the person needing the stronghold to be removed so that they can see the light of Christ (true image of God) and His ways, thus experiencing them as to actually change or renew their mind. I cannot overstate the importance of actually hearing God and strategizing your prayers with Him in this endeavor. It is also key to remove any log out of your own eye as to be able to remove the hindrance from someone else. This is why true prayer brings about true humility because without it prayer is often ineffective.

So before you use logic to pray for someone, go before the Lord and wait on Him until you actually get a strategy to pray through. Enjoy His presence without a predetermined plan on how to pray and He will teach you how to pray for specific situations. We need revelation (unveiled understanding) to destroy strongholds not just our own calculated information. This difference is the major difference between those who know and pray “with” God from those who know about God and pray from intellectual knowledge. One prays from heaven, the other prays from earth. Only Heaven has the power to change the earth.

Doing the above strategy positions you to have power in your prayers and see strongholds broken that simply won’t be broken by just telling others truth (or posting it to your blog). It is an exciting and joyful journey WITH God that enables you to have greater authority and results in and through your life. It is the powerful prayer life of believers that is one of the main ways arguments, strongholds and prideful reasoning’s that exalt themselves above the knowledge of God are brought low so that the joy of true transformation can be experienced. It is for this reason Jesus constantly went away to be by Himself with His Father to pray. He had power on His words and actions in every situation He faced because He took the time to tear down strongholds beforehand by strategizing with His Father in the secret place of prayer.

So all of what I just said could just be logic to you or it could be a call to go try it for yourself. To experience the communion with God in a secret place where no one else is watching as to be able to reconcile situations you come across in the world when others are watching. The power to transform the world is developed in that place where no one see’s and then brought forth to let its light shine before others. Even then, some of your prayers that bring change will never be traced back to you in the natural and you will not be recognized, nor should you feel the need to be, for you are already recognized in Heaven as one who is extremely powerful and important because you are using that which God gave man to make Earth like Heaven.

So go into the secret place of prayer with God and seek the strategies He gives to remove the veils from peoples lives and thus bring reconciliation to them.  This is the ministry ALL are called to.  This ministry of reconciliation is built upon the foundation of prayer “with” God.  You will also find that simply spending quality time with God will remove any veils or logs that may blind your own life, thus enabling the power of God to flow much easier through your life.


Prayer with God leads to the manifestation of 1 Corinthians 2:4-5


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