The Parable of a Heresy Hunter

The following is a parable of what a modern day heresy hunter may sound like in Jesus’ day.

Why Jesus is a False Teacher and Prophet

As many of you know, my quest for truth is partnered with my concern for people to know the truth by discerning what is false.  I am writing today to warn people about this man named Jesus who has brought “new teaching” to our ears.  He continually breaks the traditions of our most faithful fathers and I am going to break down 5 reasons why he is a heretic.  Thank you for joining me for this addition of Heresy Watchers and may the One true God bless you with wisdom to know what is true.  Glory to His name.


  1. Jesus has no spiritual covering:  He has no elders over him and he continually makes the claim that he is God’s son and that his “authority” comes from his heavenly Father.  This claim right of the bat should expose his self-righteous arrogance.  He claims to be on a level with God but we know no one can claim to be on that level.  We know if he were a “child of God” he would have stated clearly that he was first a child of Abraham.


  1. Jesus breaks the commandments:  The other day he was caught red handed healing people on the Sabbath.  To ignore the Sabbath laws for the sake of a “healing ministry”(which I will soon verify as false) is a clear exposure of his evil works.  The failure to obey this simple command clearly shows Jesus’ “new teaching” as evil and unfounded.


  1. Jesus does not believe in our Sacred Scriptures:  Jesus clearly has no regard for the authority of our Sacred Scriptures handed down to us from our fathers that were breathed upon by God.  This Jesus continually takes things out of context and he even degraded the Scriptures a few weeks ago when he made a statement that we search the Scriptures to find life but we refuse to come to God to have life.  Statements like this clearly expose Jesus’ rebellion as an unstable person.  He has continually told others that our interpretations of Scriptures are misguided and that he had the correct understanding of what God meant.  We even recorded him as saying, “You have heard it said BUT I TELL YOU.”  Clearly Jesus is operating under his own deluded authority once again.  He thinks that we who have studied our Sacred Scriptures our entire life are ignorant of his schemes but we know better and you should too.


  1. Jesus’ false healing ministry:  Jesus keeps gaining attention for the “miracles” that he supposedly does in the name of his father. I must spend a bit more time on this because of the people flocking to him over these false signs and wonders.  We cannot verify any of these healing claims.  You may have heard about the recent incident about Frank. Frank was supposedly born blind and stayed outside the gates of the temple for years and he is now supposedly able to see but we cannot be sure he was ever actually blind.  He refused to give a clear testimony to why he can now see or verify that he was ever blind.  Besides, Frank is an unstable beggar who was clearly cursed by God if he had an infirmity to begin with.


We also know Jesus’ “healing ministry” is a fraud because he is associating himself with prostitutes and tax collectors.  Their supposed healings and salvations are only false reports of the fake “life” this Jesus character pretends to give and we have come to the conclusion that he is surly operating under false signs and wonders. God would not heal sinners before he would heal the faithful of our Sacred community who seek His face every week.   Now lest you think we do not believe in healing, I should clearly state that the One true God can heal sovereignty and this much we know from our Scriptures, praise His most holy name, but to think God is endorsing Jesus’ miracles is absurd.

One of the main reasons this false movement has grown so large is due to Jesus’ training of “disciples” to have a healing ministry like his. These false schools of discipleship are leading masses astray. The other day we heard reports that 72 of Jesus’ disciples from his “training school” were healing the sick, casting out demons and proclaiming God’s reign was at hand.  This is ridiculous and clearly a false movement as we know God’s reign will not actually happen on earth until He comes again.  This also clearly exposed the false claim that Jesus is the Messiah. We know the true Messiah, bless His holy name, will come and destroy our enemies, which leads me to my last point.


  1. Jesus’ concern for others: Jesus is supposedly concerned for the weak and the poor but countless innocent people are being killed every day at the hands of the Romans as they hang them on their crosses.  If Jesus were truly concerned, he would join the ranks of us zealots who are strategizing, like our patriarch David did, to take down the giant of the Roman powers.  Surely this strategy is in line with our Sacred Scriptures and will usher in our true Messiah who will wipe our enemies away with a single breath, praise be His Name.


We know God is with us as we reject this “new teaching” of Jesus who asks us to put down our swords and “love our enemies.”  This posture of life has no regard for the weak among us.  This passive nature coupled with false signs and wonders, disregard to Scripture, breaking the commandments and much more, is too much for us to stay silent on these issues!  We must uphold our faithfulness to God by exposing the false and proclaiming the truth!

My prayer is that you see 5 of the MANY reasons why Jesus is a false prophet and teacher.  Brethren, we urge you to stay away from him.  His “love movement” is merely a sham and will soon be exposed for the danger that it is.

As always, thank you for reading this edition of Hersey Watchers.  Because Jesus’ movement is gaining so much momentum, I will be writing an in-depth book about the dangers of his teaching as well as writing further articles to help people know the difference between truth and heresy.  Thank you for supporting my ministry and may our One true God receive all the glory!

Meanwhile, Jesus is dancing and saying:

“I Praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.”

My sincere prayer for heresy hunters is that they may find grace and joy in turning from their fears and running into their Father’s arms to embrace the freedom of being his child.




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