Love Movement 2016

Last week I saw someone mention a vision *Bob Jones had in the 1990’s of a black panther coming to Charlotte and this panther was going to live at the old lumberyard. This vision found its fulfillment later when the Carolina Panthers became an NFL football team and their stadium was built where the old lumberyard was located.  As I was reading this I felt God excitedly inviting me to see a much larger context surrounding the Carolina Panthers as they will be playing in the 50th Super Bowl on Sunday.   This adventure has been really fun and I am still working through it but here is the part I see, which is being confirmed over and over.

Love Prophets

A polarizing leader named Cam Newton is the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.  I have not been a Cam fan but may slowly be softening my heart towards him. 🙂  Cam is famous for imitating the Clark Kent action of ripping his shirt to reveal a Superman suit underneath whenever he scores a Touchdown.  As I was seeking the Lord on these things I felt Him say this was the year the Clark Kent’s of the world would be revealed for who they really are.  The Lord used this picture to show me a revealing of the “Love Prophets” who along with their accuracy in the prophetic gifts would be most notably understood by their nature of joy, celebration, and happiness.  This is none other than the revealed nature of our Father through them.

I had told a friend this part of the message so far and he later sent me this link:

The heart of Tony’s message above made sense because the revealing of the “Love Prophets” is the maturity of the prophetic gifting coming to fruition to be used with Father’s nature instead of just the gifting itself.  Just using the prophetic gifting without Father’s nature is a recipe for a judgmental slant that misrepresents Father and causes mass confusion towards the prophetic gifts and more importantly towards Father’s nature.  This breeds performance in the prophetic gifting (and life in general) that is not connected to Love.  So it makes sense that Father is rooting out judgmental natures.

(I do not know Tony at all so I cannot speak to anything else he has ever said or written.)

I should also note that people who actually hold the office of a prophet function to release their gifting to everyone.  All functions of any office exist to equip others in an others focused nature just like Father God.  The office is designed to build people up in Love.  It reveals that Father knows people intimatly and is for them.  We are all called to operate in prophecy, which is simply hearing God for yourself and others.  Simply put, we are all to be “Love Prophets” in our unique ways, whether we hold an office or just operate in its flow of Love.  We are in this together.  (Num 11:29. 1 Cor 14:1)

Jubilees, Frisbees, Super Bowls and Love Movements

This coming Super Bowl between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos will be the 50th Super Bowl. 50 years is the number of a Golden Jubilee, which is a time of celebration. In Jewish history, every 50 years marked the releasing of slaves and alienated lands would be restored to the original owners or heirs.  It is starting to become obvious that Bob’s initial word involving a football team from Charlotte was about to be connected to something much larger for God to use to reveal His plan.

I thought about what year it would be 50 years ago, which brings us to 1966.  I was immediately reminded of the Jesus Movement and the name Lonnie Frisbee was implanted firmly on my mind.  I realized 1966 would have been just before the start of the Jesus Movement and so I began to research Lonnie Frisbee.  I knew very little about Lonnie but I knew he was a powerful face to the Jesus Movement, as well as a polarizing one.  For our themes sake, he was also known as a seer prophet.  Before the start of the Jesus Movement in 1967 I found out Lonnie was in the Bay Area in 1966.

This years 50th Super Bowl is going to be in the Bay Area!

At one point in my research I found frisbees are one of the things attendees of the Super Bowl cannot bring into the game.  It was at that point I felt Father say,

“It is time to let the Frisbee’s back into the game.”

This led me to do more research on Lonnie Frisbee and I’m still researching.  I discovered he was a very anointed young man who became controversial for possibly struggling with homosexuality near the end of his life.  The jury is still out on what level of involvement Lonnie had in this because he did speak out against it, while admitting he involved in bisexual relations prior to his transformation in God.  It could very well have been something he went back to after he was rejected by “spiritual fathers” at one point in his life.  Lonnie also had a rough upbringing involving sexual abuse, so deep wounds may have later manifested as a result of this rejection as well.

BUT since judgment is being rooted from the Church I thought I would honor what Father was trying to say about letting the Frisbee’s back into the game.  So far this is basically what I can gather.

The Jesus Movement was one of the most powerful movement’s in America and was founded on the simplicity of God’s love for all people.  At one point Lonnie was the face of this movement who was used powerfully by God in signs, wonders and miracles that led many deep into the reality of God’s love.  Lonnie’s seemingly struggle with homosexuality led leaders within the Church to reject him by their judgments of him being unfit to minister with his issues.  While we can certainly see the wisdom these leaders were trying to show Lonnie, they ultimately shut down what God was doing because they could not yet understand the depths of God’s love in using broken vessels to release His Love to the world.  Both Lonnie and the leaders allowed things to come between them, which resulted in the Love Movement God was doing to be greatly reduced by their ignorance.

We must learn that Father really does use the weak things (like Lonnie, me and you) of the world to expose the “religious wisdom” that only brings about the death of Father’s movements.  Any death of God’s movement is always brought about by man and never by God.  This quenching of the Spirit is always tied to putting a limit on God’s love and ways, which is directly tied to man’s (not God’s) judgment.  It is here where we learn from Jesus’ words to the religious of his day when he quoted Isaiah 29:13 in Matthew 15:9, which essentially reveals:

“They make people afraid of Me because they teach people to fear me based on misunderstanding My heart.  Their hearts of love have been replaced by performance and a false understanding of excellence.  The doctrines of men quench My true nature of Love.” – My translation

I think from knowing this history our Father has been maturing us to be very slow to judge or maybe even in the words of Jesus “Judge not at all.” (Matt 7:1, Jn 3:17, 12:47) Instead we can be quick to Love people regardless of their weakness.  It is this posture of Love that can eventually heal broken people without limiting their impact of service in transforming the world as they learn with Father.  This kind of Love breaks off performance and invites relationship with Father as our standard of life.

I believe all of this is pointing to 2016 being a Jubilee year where the best God intended from the Jesus Movement in the 60’s & 70’s is coming to fruition in the maturing of the “Love Prophets” who while valuing moral integrity, do not let the failures or weaknesses of people get in the way of letting God work to restore the world.  Jesus has already proved that Father would go into our deepest darkness in order to set us free from it.  If the cross is not the standard of our understanding for how far Father will go to free broken people, then all that is left is our man-made judgments that limit what God can do.  We are in the beginning stages of the Father’s Heart being poured out like never before.

While I don’t want people to get too caught up in the constant onslaught of “prophetic words”, I did find a recent word by a man named Doug Addison that confirmed what I am seeing.   Doug also mentioned the Super Bowl would be significant.  (But really guys, everything can be “prophetic” to prophetic people, SMILE!) But I would like you to pay close attention to the sections in Doug’s article that are titled, “The Outcasts are God’s Priority” and the “High Grace Required” section directly after that.  Here is the link:

 Current Fulfillments

One of the fulfillments of the “Love Prophets” that is being further revealed in this time is *Shawn Bolz.   Shawn’s latest book “Translating God” is a part of this Love Movement that overall will not be quenched.  I believe Shawn was connected to Bob Jones in a powerful way, which leads me to some other things about Bob and another man named *Arthur Burt.  Both Bob and Arthur Burt have since passed but it should be noted Bob died on Valentine’s Day, 2014, which is fitting to our theme of “Love” at hand.  It is also fitting that one of the most life changing encounters for Bob was in 1975 in a death experience where the Lord asked Bob, “Did you learn to love?”

Both Bob and Arthur had amazing prophetic words they carried for past moves of God but also for a very large movement that would come after them that would would not be quenched.  I am dubbing this the “Love Movement.”  At one point Bob was even shown that Arthur Burt had a prophetic word from the Lord that Arthur had heard with a group of people in the 1930’s.  Arthur confirmed he always carried this word in his pocket.

That word was this:



Bob Jones later said the Floods are movements of the Lord and the Torrents have to do with an end time revival of a BILLION people which the Lord told Bob about in 1975.  A Torrent is obviously symbolic of something that cannot be stopped.  The Lord told Arthur through Bob that he would see the start of this before he died.  Arthur also died in 2014 at the age of 102 and so if we have eyes to see, we have already been in the beginning stages of this “Love Movement” that cannot be stopped.  There will be no ebb to the current of this movement because it is sincerely founded on Love, which neither life nor death can separate us from.  It will be a Jesus Movement that truly lasts.

At a later time I will go into a dream I had this year involving Lou Engle and what will be a major shift coming to the prayer movements in the earth.  It basically has to do with a shift from “prayer” to “good works” that flow from Father.  With Lou’s Azusa Event coming up on April 9th, I think he is already onto something in a similar manner.

In closing, this “Love Movement” that is underway really is something we have always been invited to but it is just that we need the eyes to see it with the heart of Father’s love to understand it.  I hope that what I am seeing in part is burning in your heart to encourage you to be further involved in this movement that will never end.  It is essential we learn to Love and allow Love to be the foundation from which we do everything.  This all directly comes from knowing our Father.

That said I am still rooting for the Broncos in the Super Bowl even though the Carolina Panthers seem to be highlighted majorly in this time, LOL.  But even more than football, let the “Love Prophets” arise as our shirts are torn like Superman and the heart of our Father is revealed through us to all creation!

In Love and Celebration,

Preston Hall

PS: It is also interesting for me personally that my wife and I are in the process of being ordained through “The River”, which is an international revival network whose base is in California but we are wanting to attend a River East Coast gathering that we found is located in none other than Charlotte, North Carolina!  From California to the Carolinas and beyond, the Love Revolution is gaining more ground. I just might be a Panther fan…wait no, Go Broncos!

* Bob Jones was a very accurate and loved prophet (not everyone appreciated him). More about his Carolina Panther vision can be seen here:

More on Bob’s Learning to Love words here

I also saw this after writing this which really got me excoited and it was one of Bob’s final words before he passed:

* For more on Shawn Bolz check out his Translating God work at

*For more on Arthur Burt’s word see

*Special thanks to Keith Luker who I saw had a weird video on YouTube regarding Lonnie Frisbee, so I contacted him and he directed me to the Bob Jones/Arthur Burt connection which he also talked about on his podcast:

*Special thanks to the Elijah List who posts so many dang words about what people think they are seeing with God that we are destined to better learn how to be accurate.


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