Who Understands?

Who really understands?

Brian Zahnd sparked my imagination, which God breathed upon to further illustrate a picture to demonstrate a reality for you.

Brian painted a scenario where you took your neighbor to court because he built a toolshed that extended 3 feet onto your property. You win the court case as the judge orders your neighbor to remove the toolshed and so justice has been established right?

Brian goes on to consider another scenario where the judge weighs the arguments but goes on to to judge that both of the properties must be returned to the Native Americans from whom it was stolen from 150 years ago. Is this better justice?

This reminds me that people’s understanding of justice (among other things) is usually symptomatic and often incorrect. This means that well meaning people think they know what justice is but fail to see they are often just as much a part of the problem that their proposed solutions to injustice claim to deal with. When we do not understand the deepest realities of Life we often stay at the surface level of our knowledge of good and evil, us vs. them, justice and injustice, without ever getting into the deep end of the pool where the waters are too deep for that posture of thinking to comprehend.

People who only deal with symptoms perpetuate the cycles of root issues that God wants to heal. God wants to undress the shame of our darkened imaginations that hide behind the kinds of knowledge that keep us from knowing God and Reality. When we finally change the way we think (repentance) we can start answering the call where “deep calls out to deep” and begin to release the depths of Reality to others, even if they do not yet understand. These seeds of revelation can then take root in the soil of people who do not even know they are there until years later a beautiful plant of insight breaks through their heart and starts to overtake the dirt that was previously void of divine reason. The sunlight of God’s imagination will then develop these plants in hopes the person will guard their heart and cultivate the beauty of what God is growing.

So when we think of our understanding of reality, whether it is our idea of justice, forgiveness, love, hate, etc., may we embrace the calling and challenge to go beyond symptomatic reasoning and may we dive into the very heart of our Creator who has the wisdom to transform the darkest of our humanity. This is the Love of God in action as we grow in our understanding of actually possessing the mind of Christ that is foolish to the status quo.

Drink & Think Deeply My Friends,


Brian’s story was in his book “Radical Forgiveness:  God’s Call to Unconditional Love” and can be purchased here: http://www.amazon.com/Radical-Forgiveness-Gods-Call-Unconditional/dp/1621362523/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1457799749&sr=8-6&keywords=brian+zahnd


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