God, Science, The Matrix, You

Have you ever experienced God (or even received a God inspired idea) in a way that completely rocked your world and left you not knowing how to process it?

“Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too great for me to understand!” -Psalm 139:6

Science is now confirming what happens when you experience God, which results in a process of unlearning and learning new realities that actually make new connections in your brain. This can be monitored on brain scans. The following paragraph is from Rob Moll’s book, “What Your Body knows about God.”

One researcher believes that spiritual experiences can be so powerful that they knock loose some of the brain’s wiring, creating a sense of God’s absence as the brain rewires the necessary parts to experience God. The “dark night of the soul” may not simply be a form of spiritual depression but a signal that the brain is changing.”

This makes perfect sense to many of the experiences I have had with God where I was so amazed right away, yet left somewhat confused as how to process or walk the revealed truth out. This is because I was previously darkened to the Light that is now shining in the places that had no grid for the Light to shine there continually. Of course my spirit is extremely excited in these times but what will other people think? How can I become mature in this new reality I am beginning to understand?

These questions will take on varying degrees of excitement and difficulty depending on the connection you have to people who are safe enough to process your journey with you and who will not be afraid of paradigms that they themselves may not have a grid for. (Which actually means they are not formed in their brain yet so their minds are literally in the dark but it is possible for their heart to burn with excitement at what you are saying. See Luke 24 for the story of some disciples walking with Jesus without even knowing it in their brains but they did have burning hearts.) It will also vary according to the levels of persecution or pushback you directly experience like the Apostle Paul or Jesus did with those who think what you are experiencing or saying is crazy or false.

The encouraging thing is that this “dark night of the soul” is actually the place through which the seed of Truth can break through the soil and grow into a beautiful tree that can feed the world, while simultaneously bringing you increased fulfillment as you go from one level of understanding to another in your relation to God.

This process of experiencing God and rewiring the brain is what the Scripture calls the renewing of the mind.

Using the analogy of the Matrix movie, this journey is usually only sustained by those who decide to take the red pill to see how much of God and Reality we can actually know.  It is for those who have allowed their hearts to be tenderized by Love so that seeds of revelation remain and grow even when our minds cannot comprehend what we know in our heart from our experiences with God.  The red pill is usually not taken for fear of what one does not understand.  This is where Father God always stands with His arms wide open saying, “Fear not, I love you, and I am with you wherever you go so lean not on your own understanding until my understanding is formed in you.

This not only means He is with you wherever you go on earth but He is with you wherever you go in the heavenly realms where you are actually positioned in Christ and where you learn to have the mind of Christ because you are born from above.  It is to this invitation that Father continually invites us to, knowing that He has much more to reveal to us but we cannot yet bear it all.  This is why we have a Spirit guide available to guide us into ALL truth even if that truth knocks some things loose in our brains until new connections are formed or if the newly formed truth makes others think we are still “out of our minds”

But like the Apostle Paul who was eventually killed for His renewed mind from Jesus, we can sometimes say,

If we are “out of our mind,” as some say, it is for God; if we are in our right mind, it is for you.

Be loved and take the red pill!


Scriptures covered in this post: Mark 4:20, 2 COr 2:18, Eph 2:6, John 3:3,12, 1 Cor 3:18, John 16:12, 2 cor 5:13


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